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VR AR in the new educational system

VR AR in the new educational system


VR AR is transforming the learning process across the globe.  The new educational system is helping educators to better use technology in the process of teaching.


Technology is already a significant factor affecting the education sector with digital content, smart classrooms, and online assessments. Augmented and virtual reality now provides better learning and training experience in schools and various industry sectors. The increasing need for offering personalized learning experience and the rising adoption of training solutions in the corporate landscape is expected to drive market growth. Schools and colleges are changing their conventional methods of teaching. Virtual and augmented reality will completely revolutionize the teaching and learning experience. Technology-enabled learning and smart boards have replaced conventional blackboards, chalks, and textbooks.


Atlab, one of the leading educational service providers in UAE has been monitoring and studying their various clients. They have found that 90% of educators agree that VR technology is quite an effective way of providing differentiated and personalized learning experiences for students. Curiosity is the fuel for an effective learning process, which the conventional learning methods don’t comprehend. VR and AR enable teachers to capture a kid’s attention in, exciting, and productive way easing the explanation process in a fun-filled way.

AR and VR can empower students and teachers to explore and learn more effectively. AR VR in primary education can make learning fundamental skills fun and engaging way. It enables students to learn, understand and provide a better learning experience. Higher education often categorizes sophisticated subjects; with STEM education Dubai, complex topics are made simple and understandable. It can also fuel vocational training. The ability to get training using advanced technologies, which provide stimulations and replicate real-life issues without leaving the classroom is something ATLAB is positive about.

Concentration and Attention

The number of students experiencing difficulties concentrating and understanding certain subjects. Children born in the age of digital technology are continuously exposed to technology devices and the internet, which contributes to the rapid decrease of their attention span.

VR Education help students to interact with their studies more effectively. The VR and AR technology are making the lectures, books, and exercises more interactive and understandable making education fun for students.


No language barriers

With multicultural societies, especially at higher education levels, language differences can be a significant challenge as students may not be able to understand the material and have difficulties with assignments and this could ultimately influence their performance. Language translation is one of the features that could easily be built into the software of VR.


Effective Learning Process

This is because albeit they may see the thing being explained in an image, they still have to visualize it and create a perception of it in their own minds. With VR and AR, they can easily explore different realities and angles of the thing they are learning; instead of hearing, reading, and just seeing a two-dimensional picture, they get to learn that material through experience.


Brings Self confidence

Students become more interactive with hands-on experience, students feel more encouraged and empowered to learn and practice with educational tools, which in turn make them more confident and promising for the future.


MERGE EDU is a subscription-based AR and VR platform for STEM learning and digital creation designed to work with the award-winning MERGE Cube. Students can visualize complex 3D models, experience scientific phenomena, and place virtual objects in the real world. Students will master STEM subjects through teacher-assigned lesson activities or independently by progressing through learning modules. The new premium Object Viewer app converts 3D models and design projects into virtual objects you can hold on the MERGE Cube. This includes files from Paint 3D and Tinkercad. Teachers can also import 3D models from object libraries like Google Poly or Remix 3D to help students visualize complex concepts.

You can purchase Merge Edu from one of the most trusted educational providers in UAE, ATLAB. Atlab has a wide array of educational systems for students, teachers and educators. You may check the