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Vocational Training

Tools and Comprehensive system for the oil and gas industry

ATLAB is a technology based hands-on learning solution company focused on providing innovative and customized traning solutions for the workforce within the oil and the gas industry.We are commited to helping these organizations meet the stringent demands of an industry, which needs an up to date ,qualified and efficient workforce inorder to run a profitable operation. ATLAB is an associate of the Centena Group, a regional present in the Middle East since 1980.

Drilling and Well-Controlled Training System

Advanced simulators and software for well site drilling

Our scalable solutions range from

  • Fully immersive dome projection systems that simulate ultra-deepwater drilling rigs to
  • Smaller multi-functional desktop simulators and software modules


Our drilling simulators use sophisticated downhole mathematics to recreate real-life issues and scenarios, emergencies, tests and feedback encountered by drillers, operators and engineers.

Process Operator Plant Training System

We offer a complete range of process training systems from classroom simulation to field equipment production simulation with respect to mainstream oil and gas production and processing. Our training system provides practical training using actual oil and gas production equipment, allowing operators to experience the full range of production operations under both normal and abnormal operating conditions.


Our next generation 3D virtual training environment enables the trainee to comprehensively understand and visualise the real world operating environment. VFO expands the training opportunities to include the field operator’s roles and responsibilities. Trainees can navigate through virtual units, tracing flows and locating equipment. Trainees use local gauges and panels to observe actual operating conditions, start/stop pumps and open/close valves to interact with the process.

Process Instrumentation Training System

Industrial instrumentation measurement and control system knowledge is an imperative and essential technical skill required in most process plants. We offer training tools and systems for learning the fundamentals of Measurement and Control that improve and enhance the young engineers’ performance in service and maintenance through a hands-on approach dealing with installation, calibration, tuning, loop checking, plant commissioning and troubleshooting of the industrial standard instrument and control systems.


We offer SAPP concept Process Control Learning Systems (temperature, pressure, flow, level and PH) which bring real industrial plant experience into the classroom making the learning more alive, realistic, interesting, hands-on, practical and effective, without risk to trainees and the plant.

Industrial Maintenance Training System - Mechanical and Electrical

The mechanical /electrical maintenance training systems are designed to provide maintenance and operations personnel hands-on exposure to a variety of common mechanical & electrical situations inherent to industrial processes. It allows personnel to progress through the full range of required skills using different comprehensive training unit where the technicians develop their skills.


Mechanical Training Systems teaches the specialised skills required for today’s industrial technicians – ‘shaft alignment’, ‘gear drives’, ‘belt drives’, ‘chain drives’, ‘pump maintenance’, Pipe maintenance, heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration.


Electrical Training Systems offered by us are associated with electrical power distribution and controls, wire and cable tray, wireways, conduits, Three-phase motor controls, Variable frequency drive and Industrial lighting.

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