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Unlocking the Future of Learning with KUBO: Your Complete Educational Robotics Kit


Amid rapid technological advancement, understanding the language of machines is no longer a niche skill but a crucial element of education. However, the journey into the world of coding can be daunting for students of all ages. Enter KUBO, an educational robot designed specifically for coding for kids and fostering STEM learning through an innovative robotics kit.

KUBO, officially distributed by Atlab, presents exciting programming challenges. It also provides a unique avenue for hands-on learning, offering a platform for screen-free coding experiences. KUBO transforms the learning process into a delightful experience of learning through play with its engaging and interactive lessons.

Fostering Essential Skills for the Future

KUBO’s impact transcends coding proficiency, extending into the realm of essential skills vital for the future. By seamlessly integrating creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication into the coding experience, KUBO becomes a transformative tool.

Through coding, students discover their creativity, envisioning unique digital landscapes and problem-solving scenarios. It encourages teamwork, preparing students for collaborative endeavors in their future pursuits. KUBO’s challenges stimulate critical thinking, guiding students to approach problems systematically. As students articulate their ideas, communication skills are refined, amplifying their ability to express thoughts and strategies.

Age is No Barrier

Breaking down the misconception that coding is for older students, KUBO extends its welcoming arms to children as young as four. It recognizes that the earlier the introduction, the more natural and intuitive the grasp of coding concepts becomes.

Simplifying Complexity Through Hands-On Experiences

By simplifying intricate concepts through hands-on learning, KUBO not only aids students in understanding coding principles but also plays a crucial role in building confidence among educators and students.

Errors Become Valuable Learning Opportunities

Will children encounter challenges when errors occur? That’s where KUBO excels. It not only detects errors but also acts as a virtual tutor, guiding students on where and how to debug their code. Errors, rather than being stumbling blocks, become valuable learning opportunities.

Programming Made Easy

KUBO is a physical robot that engages kids directly in programming by using TagTiles with commands to create sequential code. Children just have to place TagTiles with different commands in sequence to create code, and the KUBO robot then follows these commands, helping children understand the concept of sequential programming.

This tangible approach makes coding concepts more accessible, as students physically manipulate commands, reinforcing their understanding. KUBO’s incorporation of visual elements, such as symbols on tiles, and auditory feedback through beeps enhances learning through multiple senses, making it easy for students to grasp RFID communication concepts.

Here is the diverse range of KUBO products, which are not only designed to teach coding but also to embrace challenges and cultivate a passion for learning:

KUBO Coding Starter Set

This foundational toolkit is the gateway to coding exploration for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. It introduces coding and computational thinking in simple, logical steps, unravelling the complexities of functions, subroutines, and loops. More than a mere set of hardware, it comes equipped with comprehensive lesson plans and teacher guides, turning cross-curricular challenges into hands-on, playful experiences.

The starter kit serves as the essential starting point. Additional products like KUBO Coding+ Single Set and KUBO Coding++ Single Set act as valuable add-ons to enhance the coding experience and further expand learning possibilities.

KUBO Coding+ Single Set

Tailored for grades 2-3, this expansion pack boosts coding expertise with 36 additional TagTiles. These tiles grant control over time, speed, distance, and direction. Beyond coding proficiency, it challenges students to think critically about the consequences of their decisions and the dynamics of changing data inputs.

KUBO Coding++ Single Set

Geared towards grades 4-5, this advanced set of 44 additional TagTiles delves into complex coding concepts like variables, conditions (if/else), and events. It is a puzzle-like set, making it easier for students to work with complex algorithms and develop abstract thinking. Beyond just coding, it becomes a tool for students to understand the implications of their choices and the intricacies of altering data inputs. KUBO Coding++ transforms coding into a dynamic and engaging journey.

KUBO Coding Math

A unique blend of coding and mathematics, this set is designed for grades K-5. It introduces 50 new TagTiles, including numbers, operators, and playful Game TagTiles. With 200+ Task Cards and three challenge maps, KUBO Coding Math addresses counting, cardinality, operations, algebraic thinking, and more. It seamlessly integrates coding into the realm of mathematical exploration.

Summing Up

With KUBO, education becomes an adventure. It helps students gain coding proficiency, develop a mindset to conquer challenges, and foster a lifelong passion for learning.

Atlab being the authorized partner of KUBO, offers a transformative learning experience, making coding easy, engaging, and fun. By embracing a blended learning approach, KUBO paves the way for a future where all students can thrive, equipping them with essential skills for the digital age. Let’s code, create, and shape a future where every student thrives. Happy KUBOing!

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