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Unleash Your Kids Inner Inventor: Exploring the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit with AtlabME

LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit

Are you ready to launch an electrifying adventure that sparks your kid’s imagination and ignites their passion for invention? Look no further than the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit, a game-changing educational resource designed to inspire creativity, foster problem-solving skills and unleash the inventors of tomorrow. Get ready to dive into electronics, coding and hands-on learning like never before!

Unveiling the Marvels of the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the incredible components and features of the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit. Kids have the power to create an endless array of inventions with 25 Bits and 34 accessories at their disposal. This versatile kit comes in a durable storage container to keep everything organized. And the teacher support materials provide step-by-step instructions and lesson plans to make their learning journey a breeze. The curriculum is aligned with STEM subjects, offering over 40 hours of captivating lessons that will leave them hungry for more. The kit is fully compatible with the Fuse app for coding, putting the control at your fingertips. Get ready to take your kid’s learning to new heights with Us!

An Epic Journey with LittleBits

Prepare to immerse your kids in a world of hands-on learning that will captivate their senses and unleash their inner creativity. The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit empowers them to explore, experiment and create by combining electronics, coding and invention. With the snap of a magnet, they can bring their wildest ideas to life. Build a self-driving vehicle, design a home system, compose their musical masterpiece or even construct a Mars rover. The possibilities are as limitless as your child’s imagination!

Be part of young inventors who have already experienced the wonders of the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit. You will come to know this kit is getting widely praised by educators and students worldwide, who consider it a revolutionary tool. Teachers have observed a noticeable increase in student engagement and enthusiasm as they enhance their critical thinking abilities, work with classmates, and confidently tackle real-life problems. Students themselves have shared awe-inspiring stories of newfound confidence, boundless creativity and a burning passion for all things. Prepare to be inspired by their remarkable success!

Unleashing the Power of Coding

Get ready to venture on an electrifying journey into the world of coding with the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit. Coding has become a vital 21st-century skill in providing the perfect introduction to these essential fields. With the user-friendly Fuse app, they can program their inventions, control their behaviour and add interactive features that will bring your kid’s creations to life. The possibilities are endless as they delve into the world of computational thinking and unlock their coding prowess.

Coding skills are worth their weight in gold in today’s digital age. They promote logical thinking, problem solving and creative expression. They will gain the power to shape and understand technology, opening doors to exciting careers in software development, robotics and artificial intelligence by mastering the code. The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit is your passport to a future filled with exciting opportunities.

Let your kid’s coding skills soar as they undertake mesmerizing projects with the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit. Program a motion-activated alarm to protect their treasures, create an interactive game using sensors that respond to movement, build a voice-activated assistant to simplify life or design a light show that dazzles the senses. With each project, they will develop coding skills and hone their critical thinking abilities and learn the art of iteration.

Inspiring the Inventors of Tomorrow

Prepare to unleash your geniuses as the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit awakens your kid’s creativity and problem-solving prowess. By engaging in hands-on invention and coding, they will develop a growth mindset, embrace failure as a stepping stone to success and learn to refine and improve their designs. They will become a confident problem solver equipped with the critical and creative thinking skills necessary to triumph in the competitive era.

But that’s not all—your child’s experience with the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit will also help them develop their skills. They will strengthen their critical thinking skills, collaborate successfully with peers and confidently articulate ideas as they engage in hands-on learning and creativity to realize their full creative potential. These abilities will distinctly grow your children and pave the road for an exciting future.

We offer some helpful hints for educators wishing to maximize the potential of the LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit in the classroom. Encourage open-ended investigation to stimulate curiosity and creativity. Encourage collaboration and peer learning by completing group assignments that demand collaboration and communication. Integrate these projects into your existing curriculum to emphasize STEAM principles. Remember to encourage documenting, reflection and sharing since these behaviours enrich learning and inspire others.


The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit opens the door to a world of limitless possibilities in which creativity, problem-solving, and invention rule supreme. This kit provides you with the necessary abilities to flourish in the future by integrating electronics, coding, and hands-on learning. They will explore new sectors, develop their innovations, and discover their true potential as tomorrow’s inventors with each project. The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Kit inspires their creativity, awakens their passion for STEM, and unlocks the inventor within, whether in the classroom or at home. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey? The future awaits with AtlabME! Contact us now.

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