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Unleash Creativity and Coding Proficiency with LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack

LittleBits STEAM + Coding Class Pack for Creativity
Enhance your students' learning experience with the LittleBits

In a world where technology continues to shape our future, providing students with opportunities to engage with electronics, coding, and invention is essential. As the technology industry evolves at an unprecedented pace, the demand for skilled professionals in STEM fields is higher than ever before. By equipping students with hands-on learning experience, educators are not only preparing them for future careers but also nurturing a generation of innovators poised to tackle the challenges of tomorrow head-on.

The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack by Sphero, available through Atlab, the authorised distributor, offers a powerful tool to enhance curriculums and empower learners of all levels and interests. Even for educators who aren’t STEM experts themselves, Sphero provides an accessible entry point to give kids and teens essential STEM skills.

What is LittleBits?

LittleBits are intuitive electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets, making it easy to learn about circuitry and electronics. These colour-coded bits require no prior knowledge, ensuring accessibility for students at any proficiency level. From building door alarms to creating robots, LittleBits empowers students to engineer solutions to real-world problems.

Why Choose LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack?

Alignment with Educational Standards

The LittleBits STEAM+ Class Pack aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core, ensuring that educators can confidently integrate these tools into their curriculum. This alignment guarantees that while students are having fun, they are also meeting essential educational benchmarks.

Comprehensive Classroom Integration

Designed for 20-30 students, the Class Pack includes 250 Bits, 10 durable storage containers, and 40+ hours of standards-aligned curriculum. This extensive kit supports an entire classroom, making it ideal for collaborative learning environments.

Innovative Learning Experience

Compatible with the Fuse app, students can program their LittleBits inventions and simulate circuits, enhancing their learning experience through interactive technology. This hands-on approach not only engages students but also helps them grasp complex concepts more effectively.

Support and Resources

Educators are not left to navigate this innovative tool alone. The LittleBits STEAM+ Class Pack includes comprehensive support materials such as the STEAM Teacher’s Guide, Invention Logs, Invention Guide, Quick Start Guide, and lesson plans. Additionally, Atlab provides training and curriculum development support to ensure successful classroom integration.

What is Inside the Box?


Unlock a world of possibilities with 20 Buttons, 10 Temperature Sensors, 10 Long LEDs, 10 Buzzers, 10 Cross Axle Servos, 10 USB Power modules, and 20 Wires. Dive into experimentation with 10 Pressure Sensors, 10 Speakers, 10 Square LED Matrices, and 10 CodeBits. Explore further with 10 Light Sensors, 10 Power modules, 20 Cross Axle DC Motors, and 10 Pulses. Get hands-on with 10 Forks, 10 Slide Dimmers, 10 Fans, 10 Inverters, 10 Number modules, 10 RGB LEDs, and 10 Bargraphs.


Enhance your projects with 10 Rechargeable Batteries and the indispensable LittleBits CodeBit Dongle. Stay powered up with 20 PowerSnaps and 10 USB Cables (1.5mm), along with 10 USB Cables (0.5mm). Secure your creations with Magnet BitShoes, Hook and Loop BitShoes, and Twist Ties. Keep the energy flowing with 10 9V Batteries with Cables and 10 XL Mounting Boards. Providing a sturdy foundation for your creations, and 10 Durable Storage Carrying Cases to keep your LittleBits components organised and protected for easy transport and storage. And that is just the beginning, explore hundreds of other accessories for endless creativity!

Benefits of Hands-on Learning with LittleBits

Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

Students learn to tackle real-world problems through engineering and design thinking. This practical approach nurtures critical thinking and innovation. By working with LittleBits, students develop the ability to break down complex challenges and create effective solutions.

Promotes Collaboration and Teamwork

Students develop communication and teamwork skills working in groups which are essential for future careers in STEM fields. Classroom integration with LittleBits fosters a collaborative environment where students can share ideas, delegate tasks, and support each other’s learning.

Makes Learning Fun and Engaging

By transforming abstract concepts into tangible projects, LittleBits makes learning exciting. Students are more likely to engage deeply and retain information when they are actively involved in their education.

Encourages Creativity and Innovation

LittleBits empowers students to think creatively and inventively. The versatile STEAM+ kits allow students to build and code their own projects, from simple circuits to complex robotics.

Supports Diverse Learning Styles

LittleBits caters to various learning styles, making it an inclusive educational tool. Visual learners benefit from the colour-coded bits, while kinaesthetic learners thrive with the tactile, hands-on experience.

Builds Confidence and Independence

As students master coding, circuitry, and robotics through LittleBits, they gain confidence in their abilities to solve problems and create functional projects. This self-assurance encourages them to take on more challenging tasks and think independently.

Aligns with Educational Standards

The alignment of LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack with educational standards like NGSS and Common Core ensures that while students are engaged and having fun, they are also meeting key educational benchmarks.


The LittleBits STEAM+ Coding Class Pack is more than just a set of electronic components. It is a comprehensive educational tool that prepares students for future success in a fun and engaging way. By integrating LittleBits into the classroom, educators in the UAE and around the world can inspire the next generation of inventors, engineers, and innovators.
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