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Turning Robotics into a child’s play


Teaching kids the vitality of science and mathematics through robotics is changing the way we perceive education. Robotics for children are now becoming a major education option across the globe.

Robotics for children is the next great leap in education.

Children are the promises of tomorrow. The knowledge we provide today for our children becomes an opportunity for growth in the future. Robotics is fast-changing, making this world a place of convenience and comfort. Robotics is now trying to teach kids to understand the language of Robots and computers. The award-winning Kubo company has made an innovative small computer that can teach kids as young as three the basics of coding and teach robotics for children.

In 2015, Daniel Lindegaard along with Tommy Ozten at the University of Southern Denmark, decided to teach young kids coding and computational thinking with the help of Kubo robot. Soon Kubo became the best robots for kids. With a generation still teaching kids about language, math, and science it is important that kids learn the technologies of the future. The recent studies indicate that by 2043, more than 40% of future opportunities will be coded automated. The study gives the conclusion that teaching young minds coding is the next big thing in global education.

Kubo is a small robot in the size of a can that turns concepts into puzzles. The company states that they developed this idea on the basis of various statistics which proves that the majority of the world population is connected to technology every day. Kubo believes in making robotics into a child play offering future generations a great potential for development.

Tag Tile is the programming language of Kubo robots. The language consists of puzzles that need to fit together to give Kubo instructions. Once a simple movement is taught to the Kubo robot, it performs the movement with the pieces laid for grabbing information. Kubo robots use RFID technology to read puzzles. Each piece is embedded with an RFID tag and the scanner is fixed with the Kubo robot. The idea behind the Kubo is simple and the execution also is pretty easy with the RFID technology. This code learning method is pretty easy for the kids as they needn’t stare at the screen but engage in an activity with the Kubo robot.

Kubo company provides different packages to learn coding and programming for kids. Kubo programming teaches the kids to spell and do simple math calculations. Kubo and Kubo coding+ are available through ATLAB. Atlab is one of the leading science and technology solution providers in Dubai. The ATLAB comprises of experts who are dedicated to creating a new learning experience through innovative methodologies. A high level of understanding of the various pedagogical challenges involved in educational, vocational and workforce training, coupled with strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading providers, helps ATLAB to offer best-of-the-class solutions. The ATLAB training solutions are so designed that learning can be made more effective and impactful.

Robotics for Kids

Educators and teachers around the globe are utilizing robots for imparting education to young kids. Robotic technology is used in our day to day life, from cleaning equipment to programmed toys for kids. Hands-on learning through Robotics helps children to understand the vital concepts of Science and Math. Robots in the classrooms are rapidly becoming a favorite method to catch and keep a classroom’s attention. With the slow advancement of the STEM education system, robotics is definitely going to change how we perceive education. Here briefly, experts at ATLAB explain how robotics can make understand the vitality of learning science and math as early as possible.


Science is the knowledge about the universe, both physical and natural. The vastness of science is infinite and robots can help us understand the universe better with their ability. We have robots rolling on distant planets sending back information to scientists about life and beyond. Making kids understand robotics is definitely going to change our future. Robots with the ability to explain scientific laws and concepts of physics can reinforce a kid’s comprehension of the subject. Examining the basic activity of a robot, kids can grow their observation and experimentation skills.


Mathematics has always been a difficult subject for kids as the concepts grow out of addition and subtraction. Robots can offer an interactive medium for teaching students about math in context, in the physical world, away from pages. Kids can perceive how basic math concepts like addition and subtraction and advanced concepts like proportions influence how a robot responds to its environment. Children are also urged to teach their robots as a mark of concept mastery.


Because of the complexity of Programming, it was believed that kids wouldn’t be able to learn until they had grown enough. Computer language is a theoretical idea that robots understand. Computers are now used in every wake of life. Robots for kids are user-friendly and teaches kids as young as three, the basic programming. Robots are designed in such a way that they can raise the difficulty level of their programming interface as kids understand each level of programming.

ATLAB is the right choice if you are planning to make your kids smarter for the next generation. ATLAB contains some of the best products for teaching kids about programming and robotics. Kubo, the best robots for kids are now available at ATLAB.