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Transforming STEM Education: Unleashing Potential with DOBOT Magician Lite

UAE schools seamlessly integrate STEM into their curriculum, ensuring students are exposed to these disciplines from an early age.

Having a DOBOT Magician Lite in UAE schools makes a difference in learning by making it easier for them to understand even the most difficult concepts. This is due to the learning interface that it has based on do-it-yourself and practical application of knowledge.

Let explore the power of Dobot Magician Lite and how it helps to transform schools in providing education, especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning.

Internal Characteristics of DOBOT Magician Lite to Help Learning Easier

Dobot Magician Lite is a class of multi-functional and lightweight intelligent robotic arm. The customisation of this robotic arm essentially falls under a customisable intelligence education system. The tech-components present inside the DOBOT Magician Lite are revolutionary in providing hands-on engineering education solutions to schools.

Let us learn about the components that make DOBOT Magician Lite a class apart from others:

1. Enhanced Performance Due to Light Weight and Advanced Sensors

DOBOT Magician Lite is an affordable robotic arm that has been equipped with an anti-collision sensor that makes it safe. Thus, it ensures that there are no mishaps when children are around. Several sensors can prevent damage to the robot arm like pneumatic sensors.

Typically, a pneumatic sensor works on the principle that whenever a robotic arm encounters an obstacle. It absorbs crash energy and then a program in the sensors automatically stops the arm moving in that direction. Thus, it ensures that you have a precision robotic automation system in your learning kit.

Investing in a robotic arm that features anti-collision detection, is a great idea as it cuts the chances of its structural damage. Moreover, due to the lightweight body of the robots, it is easily deliverable from one classroom to another for use. Additionally, it is beneficial for a DIY robotic arm kit to have replaceable arms as it can increase the functionality of the robots and increase the purpose of their utilisation.

2. Repeatability Positioning 

Repeatability positioning is a feature that helps to measure whether a machine can repeat the same movement multiple times. In multiple cases, there is a need for the machine to perform the same action multiple times. With a DOBOT magician lite, the repeatability positioning of the system is only 0.2 mm.

Thus, it can point at the same target multiple times with a slight variance of 0.2 mm in diameter. Repeatability is an important parameter in precision robotic automation for getting the same results multiple times. Constant repeatability ensures that results for each use are the same and everyone using the robot gets the same result.

Such high degree precision can be obtained by using position sensors and linear sensors. A position sensor has robot arms acting as encoders which relay the robot arm position for accurate movement. Additionally, position sensors relay vital information to the controller that helps to make decisions about robotic arm movements and what to pick up.

However, in the case of linear sensors, it helps to detect variable positions, including distance and proximity. These sensors are primarily used in the motion control feature of the robotic arm, effectively.

3. External Controllers

External controllers are one of the innovations in the motion control system that drives the motor load in the arm. To make your child have an idea for programming robotics for beginners the motion control kit is separate from the in-built motion control module. In DOBOT Magician Lite, such a motion control algorithm helps your kids learn to program a robot efficiently.

Typically, a motion sensor acts by making a feedback loop. Thus, in its internal components, it has encoders and resolvers. Encoders are devices which due to the motion of a motor or load cause a patterned disc to modulate at a constant input signal.

On the other hand, resolvers are devices which have a phase-shifted current flow (90° out of phase) to provide infinite resolution in terms of movement. Thus, using an encoder and a resolver, a motion control circuit can have infinite feedback for proper functioning.

Additionally, you may choose a Robotic arm for education that can support Bluetooth and has Bluetooth connection ability. Apart from that, DOBOT also has 12 expansion interfaces which helps to ensure maximum openness and compatibility for learning.

4. Graphical Software for Programming Your STEM Robotic Arm

It is not easy for schools to make a kid from smaller grades to understand and start coding. Thus, it becomes essential to use solutions that can simplify the concepts and make sure that kids learn them without much hassle. In order to make sure that your child is able to receive such concepts from schools, DOBOT Magician Lite plays a key role.

Such a strategy is less problematic for visual learners and small kids in kindergarten to gather programming knowledge. Thus, you may use an Affordable robotic arm which has graphical programming for helping the users to learn simple engineering lessons. Moreover, it is easy to code using visual learning blocks as your child just needs to drag and drop readymade coding blocks together in a line.

This system is useful for making a complete set of instructions from your child’s end. This is fed into a machine and checks the output of such code as an activity. Thus, it can be a good classroom robotics project for securing advanced learning for young students.

5. Curriculum Based Learning

It is necessary to learn things in simpler steps. Thus, with a DOBOT Magician Lite, it becomes easy for your child to learn effectively. The course module for such an innovation in educational technology consists of three stages. Thus, your child needs to complete each step and learn about the programming requirements in detail.

Therefore, choose an innovation in educational technology that has a stepwise guide to make your kids familiar with robotics.

Wrapping up, it is good practice to learn more about robotics and use DOBOT Magician lite in UAE. Such an innovation helps to gather basic information in a do-it-yourself method for the programming and engineering curiosity of the students.

At ATLAB Middle East, we have several solutions which can help in your child’s growth process. They strike the perfect balance between innovation and learning modules to make learning fun.

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