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Things your kids can do when they are at home

Managing kids at home during the current lockdown might be a tedious job for parents. Atlab, one of the leading STEM education system provider comes up with few tips to make the time worthwhile.


The world is at lockdown and everyone is at home. Covid-19 pandemic has shut down schools and universities across nations. Every parent is concerned with their kids at home. They easily get bored when the world that was open to them all these years has suddenly come to a halt. But using the lockdown time wisely and making kids understand the world outside can help them to find activities indoor. It’s not always doom and gloom when kids are forced indoors! In fact, many parents can seize the opportunity to try something new, or jump back into something that has long been forgotten for kids.


Atlab, one of the leading educational tool provider suggest some of the activities your kids can do when they are at home due to lockdown. Children aren’t born knowing how to entertain themselves; it takes practice. Parental help is needed for children to be active during this lockdown period. It takes a little encouragement and some training. When children settle down with these less exciting but still enjoyable activities, they expand their attention spans and begin learning how to keep themselves busy.

  1. Clean the Room
    Allow your kid to rearrange and clean their room in a neat and tidy manner. Use the lockdown period to tidy up and organize everything. If your kid has Lego educational tools or coding toys, arrange them well inside the room to give them a feeling of fun-filled study space.
  2. Read a book
    Reading a book to your kid can be one of the most enjoyable activity for parent and kids. Most parents read books to kids before they sleep but use this time to start a new book. Ask your kid to read a book by him/herself and later tell you the story. This can encourage them to read more and build a reading habit.
  3. Build with Lego 
    Lego is an amazing STEM educational tool that gives kids fun-filled learning experience. It gives kids an amazing opportunity and experience to challenge themselves in creating out of the world things. You bet, you start believing your kid as a Harry Potter! It is truly amazing to see how those tiny blocks are put together to form robots and machines. Seeing these sets through to completion helps build perseverance and strengthens skills in areas like fine motor skills development and problem-solving.
    ATLAB provides hands-on learning experience solution products to educators and institutions across the globe. They have partnered STEAM solutions providers; LEGO Education, SAM Labs, PASCO Scientific, PITSCO Tetrix, XYZ Printing, CircuitScribe, Hi-Technic and Robolink to get pupils engaged and get instructors to appreciate the subject matter more. You can buy the products through online following the webpage .
  4. Learn Coding 
    If your kid is interested in video and board games, you may give them provision to study coding. The scientific world has understood that teaching kids coding can help them grow into confident and problem solvers of the future. Use this lockdown period to teach your kid something that is useful for his long term career. Coding is definitely fun and of course the next big thing for the scientific world.
    There are a number of different areas to explore when it comes to coding for kids or coding for teens. These opportunities include coding “toys” like Kubo or Lego Spike Prime. You can teach your kids coding with the help of Kubo robots. Kubo robots are simple and easily understandable for kids. You can order Kubo robots from ATLAB. Follow the link
  5. Online STEAM education courses  
    Learning courses are now available through Atlab. You can choose a wide range of STEAM/STEM education topics for kids to learn from the comfort of their home. Lego education provides around 400+ lessons for kids to play and learn with Lego products.