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The Ultimate Robotics and Coding Solution to Transform your Classroom: Sphero BOLT Power Pack

Sphero BOLT Power Pack - Transform Classroom Robotics and Coding
Revolutionize STEM education with the Sphero BOLT Power Pack.

What if STEM learning extended beyond mere absorption of information to include creating, exploring, and innovating? The Sphero BOLT Power Pack makes this vision a reality. This educational robotics kit is revolutionising K-12 education by seamlessly integrating coding for kids, classroom technology, and interactive learning into each student’s educational journey.

As the authorised distributor of Sphero and a leading Sphero BOLT Power Pack supplier in the UAE, Atlab is committed to advancing classroom technology and transforming your teaching experience. We bring this innovative tool to schools across the region, placing coding for kids, creativity, and innovation at the forefront of education. The Sphero BOLT Power Pack empowers students to learn, build, invent, and transform their dreams into reality, whether at home or in the classroom.

Brighter Minds Make a Brighter Future

Inspiration is the key to unlocking potential. With remarkably cool programmable robots, the Sphero BOLT Power Pack transforms the way kids learn and create. Learning is about sparking curiosity, awakening imagination, and turning educational moments into epic experiences. This play-based, hands-on education prepares them to thrive in all aspects of life and the future.

An Overview of Sphero BOLT Power Pack

The Sphero BOLT Power Pack is a comprehensive STEM learning kit designed for schools. Powered by the Sphero Edu app, students can drive and code BOLT by drawing on their screen, using Scratch blocks, or writing JavaScript. It is a programmable robot ball that provides endless opportunities for creativity and fun while developing fundamental STEM skills.

Designed for K-12 classrooms with 30+ students, the Sphero BOLT Power Pack offers:

Advanced Robotic Sensors and LED Matrix

BOLT’s programmable sensors and LED matrix enhance interactive learning and bring learning to life.

Educational Robot Built to Learn & Play for Modern Classrooms

Sphero BOLT is a waterproof robot that connects to smart devices via Bluetooth featuring a durable scratch-proof clear plastic shell and inductive charging for 2+ hours of play in the classroom, allowing students to see their code and creations come to life.

Hands-On STEAM Learning

With Sphero BOLT’s cutting-edge programmable sensors and 8×8 LED matrix, you can inspire creativity and explore limitless possibilities while teaching your children practical STEAM skills.

Beginner to Advanced

Suitable for teachers and students of all levels, the BOLT Power Pack offers three ways to program and comprehensive lesson plans.

Cross-Curricular Learning

Combining STEM and the arts, Sphero BOLT encourages creativity and innovation with access to an extensive library of educational games and activities found in the free Sphero Edu App (compatible with iOS, Android, and Chrome).

Durable Charging Case

The carrying case doubles as a charging station, ensuring that the robots are always ready for action.

Unboxing the Sphero BOLT Power Pack

Here is what you will find inside the Sphero Bolt Power Pack:

Power Pack Case

A durable and organised case that keeps all your Sphero BOLT Power Pack robots and accessories secure.

15x Sphero BOLT Robots

The heart of the pack, these programmable robots are your students’ companions in educational robotics, ready to bring coding for kids and robotics curriculum to life.

15x Inductive Charging Cradles with USB Cables

Keep your Sphero BOLT Robots charged and ready for hours of interactive learning with these convenient charging cradles.

15x Protractors

Enhance STEM learning with accessories that add a hands-on dimension to coding and robotics activities.

15x Clear Turbo Covers

Protect your Sphero BOLT Robots from scratches and wear and tear while providing excellent traction for better movement on various surfaces.

Maze Tape Rolls

Keep your projects on track and add a creative twist to your coding challenges with maze tape rolls.

124x Stickers

Reward and inspire creativity with a variety of fun and colourful stickers that students can use to personalise their Sphero BOLT Robots.

Quick Start Guide

Get started effortlessly with clear, easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through setting up your Sphero BOLT Robots.

Education Resource Information

You will have access to educational resources, lesson plans, and activity ideas to make the most of your Sphero BOLT Power Pack and integrate it seamlessly into your classroom.

Empowering Educators with Resources

Atlab and Sphero understand the importance of empowering educators to effectively incorporate robotics curriculum and coding for Kids. That is why the Sphero BOLT Power Pack comes with a range of educational resources, including the Sphero Educator Resource Guide and the BOLT at Home Guide. Activity cards for the Code Mat and High School Activity Progression guide are also included, allowing students to engage in exciting and challenging coding projects.

Take STEM Learning to the Next Level with the Sphero Bolt Power Pack and CSF

In addition to the transformative Sphero Bolt Power Pack, Atlab offers the Computer Science Foundations (CSF) program from Sphero, a standards-aligned, supplemental curriculum designed to enhance students’ computational thinking skills. CSF features a printed educator guide for step-by-step instructional support, pre-loaded lessons in the Sphero Edu app, and scaffolded lessons across nine themes. With CSF, educators can foster a culture of growth mindset while students develop vital social and emotional learning skills alongside 21st-century competencies.
Whether introducing coding to third graders or honing programming skills in high school seniors, CSF provides a flexible, standards-aligned approach suitable for all ages and abilities. With compatibility across various devices and flexible implementation options, CSF adapts to your school’s unique needs and level of readiness, making it an ideal complement to the Sphero Bolt Power Pack for a comprehensive STEM education solution.

Summing Up

By coding BOLT, students not only learn physics but also gain teamwork and problem-solving skills. This educational robotics kit lets students share their creations with the classroom and prepare them for the future. Teachers benefit from a versatile tool that enhances teaching methods, engages students, and fosters a love for STEM subjects. Students benefit from a hands-on education experience that prepares them to be the creators of tomorrow and makes learning irresistibly fun.
The Sphero BOLT Power Pack, available through Atlab, the leading Sphero BOLT Power Pack supplier in the UAE, is an educational revolution that prepares students for a brighter, more inspired future.
Are you ready to revolutionise your classroom with Sphero BOLT Power Pack and empower your students to dream, create, and innovate like never before? Explore the Sphero BOLT Power Pack through Atlab today!


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