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The Essential Buy LEGO® for Home and School

The Essential Buy LEGO® for Home and School

A Lego without coding and robotics, it’s simple and effective in learning basic physics and maths. Ideal for kids above the age of 6, the LEGO® BricQ Motion essential can be an asset for your kid for this lockdown. Lego Education for all has come up with two great bricks to their collection. The LEGO® BricQ Motion essential is for kids aged 6 and above. The Atlab finds that the pandemic has really affected the mode of education and the business revolving it. To those parents who are planning to provide STEM education at home during this lockdown, the Brick motion essential is affordable and a real asset for your kids growth. LEGO® Education’s kits, including the Spike Prime set, tend to lean towards coding and robots, the new sets veer away from tech-heavy input and instead direct children and teachers through lessons that play off learning basics. The goal instead here is to move students away from screens and into hands-on learning and therefore no coding or robotics is involved in this brick collection. Atlab, one of the authorised dealers of Lego in UAE sells Lego Brick Motion essential through their online shopping webpage. ( The instructions are simple to follow which are provided in a booklet. Once the brick is done, exploration including how far might the ability to shoot the ball through the hoop and much more can be understood and learnt. Both sets are available with the Atlab, each or as part of a Hybrid Learning Classroom Starter Pack that includes supplementary personal learning kits. The starter pack is designed for use in classrooms and remote learning environments to help reinforce STEAM concepts. The BricQ Motion sets also feature new elements to teach students how to easily gather data — such as variables, angles, heights, and lengths — to make visual math more creative and fun. Students have the option to learn science online, coding and also robotic building games. The lockdown has forced students to learn from online without any real experience. Lego Brick Motion helps in gaining hands-on experience while teaching with physical objects, often more self-directed, allowing children to explore and discover at their own pace. This is where Lego Education sees these new sets falling into play. This lockdown period when your kids are at home, Lego BricQ essential is a definite add-on to your kid’s play time. The sets are designed by teachers and parents, and include three curriculum units, which can help students tap into science lessons from push-pull forces to examining an object’s force and mass. They can also be used for math classes too. The curriculum units are simple and easy to follow. The BricQ Motion Essential and the BricQ Motion Prime, have enough supplies so they can each be shared between two students or two of your kids. The Essential kit includes 523 bricks, a storage box, two booklets and access to two curriculum units. Shop online from our website and reach us at for more information on educational products.