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TETRIX® PRIME Robotics: Autonomous STEM Unit Curriculum Pack

PART NO: W45175
24 students
Part No:W45175
24 students

Intended for use with the TETRIX® PRIME Dual-Control Robotics Set, the TETRIX PRIME Autonomous STEM Unit Curriculum Pack uses the PRIME building system, sensors and the PULSE™ controller, to focus on creating a robot to complete tasks without operator input. Using the TETRIX Ardublockly software along with ultrasonic and line-follower sensors, students write programs to complete various tasks that increase in complexity. Activities require students to use PRIME parts to quickly prototype and test different configurations and overcome additional obstacles. STEM standards are addressed within the engaging activities provided in this unit.

What is in the box?

Teacher guide

13 student guides

Other Products Required:

TETRIX® PRIME Dual-Control Robotics Set, stopwatch, painter’s tape, tape measure, and electrical tape, sold separately 

Education Resource Information

  • 15 hours, or fifteen 50-minute class periods, of hands-on activities with scope and sequence
  • Middle and high school correlations to Next Generation Science, Common Core Math and Language Arts, and ITEEA standards
  • Programming with PULSE controller using the graphic-based TETRIX Ardublockly along with sensor integration
  • Extensive coverage of mechanisms and mechanical systems concepts
  • Application of STEM knowledge and 21st-century skills
  • Progressive series of activities with culminating challenge