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STEM labs help prepare children for the technological future

The uncertainty the future holds gives rise to the big question, who will lead us in to the future?

Obviously, it is the 21st century generation of students currently undergoing their education. However, the generation will keep changing and so will the market. Hence, we are responsible for their growth, training and the skills (soft and professional) and values they need to become assets in the future.

The Fourth Industrial Era is marked by digitalization and technology, removing various old jobs and replacing them with new ones. This does not mean there will be less job opportunities, but that the jobs today’s children will do are incomprehensible.

The Need for STEM Education in the UAE

The traditional teacher centric model is slowly being replaced by other active learning models which are student centric.

Science as a subject itself is not permanently retained by students if it’s just memorized and not comprehended. STEM Labs provide a hands-on experience in putting theory to practice.

Through STEM workshops in the UAE, students are given STEM training to help develop critical thinking, analytical skills and other talents acquired through STEM Education.

Atlab STEM Academy

The Atlab Stem Academy provides various activity kits combining text, videos, ICT and real-world hands-on learning activities along with 70 STEM Units to provide learning solutions flexible to suit curriculum type, grade and educational institutions.

For example, the Academy can use LEGO education in kindergartens, kazoon kites and straw structures for primary, robotics in middle school, and straw rockets and parachutes in high school.

Using a holistic approach, they provide a teacher’s guide containing both basic and advanced plans to build a fun, experimental-based learning method to make it easier for students to understand complex concepts.

Atlab STEM Academy with the help of LEGO Education, PITSCO Education, PASCO Scientific, SAM Labs, and XYZ Printing build the best STEM Education Institutions for K-12 in Dubai.


Atlab, a Dubai-based company of Centena Group, inculcates STEM learning using technology to provide high quality laboratory equipment and innovative hands – on educational training systems.