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STEM Education plays a vital role in Child Development

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics & has an interdisciplinary approach to learning where academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons.

ATLAB’s STEM Academy ensures all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed and have a bright future. Rigorous and relevant STEM courses encourage greater student involvement in the learning process, equipping students for future education and work.

As per the extensive research conducted by the National Science Foundation, the team concludes that young children benefit from learning STEM subjects, because, these disciplines play a fundamental role in setting the foundations for future learning.

It facilitates language development as well as encourages independent and collaborative learning. STEM education allows children to develop their communication and problem-solving skills, especially when they are actively encouraged to talk and write about their ideas and observations. This kind of rich educational environment also enables young children to develop concepts through investigative and explorative means.

Young children also benefit from STEM learning because they are generally naturally inquisitive and want to explore and make sense of themselves. A report published by the Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education(CADRE) also recognizes and highlights the advantages of STEM in early childhood education.

It also recommends that greater emphasis be placed on STEM subjects in children’s early education and that these subjects should be viewed with the same importance now placed on acquiring literacy skills.

Teaching STEM in the early years enables children to make those vital connections between everyday life and the STEM disciplines. It also lays down the foundations for future academic success because the skills learned are transferable to other subjects.

Be sure your children not only receive the best of education but be the best in today’s cut-throat competition. They receive all the benefits of STEM education at their school and home. If you’re not happy with your child’s current school curriculum, consider an alternative. ATLAB’s STEM Academy is a great solution.

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