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ATLAB provides comprehensive solutions for STEAM education. The lego education STEAM park offers a great opportunity for kids to crack their skills early in life.


Whether an educator or a homeschooler or just a parent really interested in working on early education STEAM, the new LEGO Education STEAM Park offers the best to the educators and students. STEM and STEAM education Dubai has a difference of A. A stands for Art in STEAM education. Understanding art is essentially important as Science and Maths give children to grow into multifaceted personalities. Students feel better with STEAM education making them grow completely for future prospects. STEAM PARK got the Worlddidac Award 2018 recognizes innovation and quality in educational products and solutions worldwide that contribute to the improvement of learning and teaching.


What’s in the STEAM PARK box?

The box contains an amazing 295 pieces of DUPLO LEGO bricks. They aren’t random bricks nor need to be built under set directions. This is everything Lego can offer in a box. The educational series box from Lego is specifically targeted to educators. However, a lot of products tout education only to be classroom-sized quantities that come with a price to match. The LEGO Education STEAM Park is meant to help teachers, and it delivers. Taking a look at the materials for educators included, I’m kind of in love. The box is more than needed for a teacher.


Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s guide is available online. You can access the guide here When a new resource is added to the classroom, teachers find it difficult to incorporate into the already existing class. The Lego Education STEAM park brings this overwhelming process to the easiest form for teachers. This eases the burden and doesn’t shift away from the prescribed curriculum. All the educational resources provided by Lego comes with various lesson plans that teachers can easily incorporate into the classroom. The STEAM park offers ways to help teachers show their students how to explore movement and motion, cause and effect, estimations and measurement, spatial awareness, roleplay, self-expression, and creativity.


The guides help teachers in varying degrees of sophistication and application offering teachers ways to use the projects to either support kids throughout their growth or offer individualised education. Each lesson has varying levels of challenges for kids to try and learn.


Activity Cards for Teachers

Activity cards are the gem in the box. Each card offers different levels of activity. The green are the beginner level and the blue the challenging model. These cards are directions for making different configurations for the project. For example, one of the cards has a simple rocking pirate ship on one side and a more challenging clown/cupcake rocking ride on the other. These cards again offer teachers the opportunity to either scaffold or to offer variations of the same lesson to address the different sophistication levels of students within a single classroom.


Additional Features

  • 295 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, including gears, tracks, pulleys, boats, and figures
  • 8 double-sided building inspiration cards with 16 models to build
  • STEAM Park Teacher Guide with 8 STEAM lessons for free download
  • 5 activity idea cards to inspire playful learning
  • A selection of online learn-to-build mini animations


Key Learning Values For Kids

  • Cause & effect
  • Observing & describing
  • Problem Solving
  • Developing imagination
  • Creating representations
  • Role-play
  • Collaboration
  • Communication


Are you an educator planning to implement STEAM education for students? Contact ATLAB today and know more about STEAM PARK.