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STEAM PARK- It’s Not Just for Kindergartens

We all aspire for our children to be explorers; we want them to learn, to know, to be passionate and to be smart. Well, there is no better place for them to start learning than at home, it’s a child’s first school. After all curiosity, as they say, is the mother of invention.


Parents play a crucial role in instilling certain key traits in a child’s mind, and coming to their aid is LEGO Education’s latest educational toy set – the STEAM Park.

Designed for pre-schoolers, it’s best played in groups. It allows children to use the Lego Duplo bricks to create an amusement park complete with rides, animals, and attractions. Within it are tools that communicate how things move, the concept of speed, the mechanisms of gears and ramps, and modulated movement in water – introducing their young minds to problem solving and collaborative skills.


It’s essentially an exercise in learning, helping your children at an early age discover the possibilities of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. The result – you are equipping them to face the challenges of a world that’s going to be immersed in robotics and artificial intelligence.


STEAM Park is aimed at kindergartens, but as we all know, not all schools (even in Dubai) train their pre-schoolers with LEGO Education

Parents could easily take on that role, and if you’re concerned about how to employ the art, there is help at hand. Lego has developed a detailed Teachers Guide packed with eight extensive lessons. Every parent can train themselves using these tools and help their little ones engage in creative play.


ATLAB has partnered with LEGO Education to bring their solutions to all major schools in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, and has also been training individuals to be experts in STEM education. A child’s primary education always starts at home, and parents are their first teachers.