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Robotics in STEM education

Teaching young the basics of Robotics can help them grow into resourceful individuals in the future. The STEM education system supports robotics and its inclusion in their curriculum.


The STEM education system is revolutionizing how education is imparted to students across the world. Major tech companies around the world encourage STEM education by providing funds and devising creative educational tools to attract students to take up STEM courses. This awareness aids in filling the gap in STEM careers and tech-related jobs.


In a study on how robotics can help students to understand better, a robotics company collaborated with few schools for giving the students a chance to experience 3D simulations, virtual robots, robot simulation and related tools turned out to be a great success. Virtual robots were used to work with students in English subjects. The company made an evaluative analysis of the session and found robotics can enhance the learning experience in students.


The learning experience has made students think about STEM careers seriously. More than half per cent of students have a strong positive opinion about robotics in the STEM curriculum.  Students were strongly interested in learning more about robotics and programming. Preparing students to join universities and careers in the 21st century is a fundamental role in school play in our society. Enhancing children’s motivation for high-earning STEM subjects helps ensure their future prosperity. The fact that robots are the only way to crack the future makes students take robotics as a long term career goal. The effects of Robotics for kids curriculum helps in achieving greater career goals in life.


Global educational providers have understood that robots are among one of the best teaching tools. Some schools are already using virtual robots in the UAE to show students how some of the math concepts are relevant to their increasingly outfitted lives. Virtual learning uses a digital medium like a tablet or laptop to explain various science and mathematics concepts. The young minds are engaged with quadratic equations by letting them watch these roll out on the tablet with a virtual quadcopter dancing on the top of the monitor. 3D simulators can be used for better understanding of the concept and also they learn STEM curriculum by coding robots.

Get WeDo 2.0 from ATLAB

Leading education tool provider in the UAE, ATLAB provides some of the coolest robotic systems for student education. Lego Education Dubai has introduced the WeDo 2.0 robotic kit aimed at elementary school students is now available at ATLAB. WeDo 2.0 is designed moreover like Mindstorm like set to teach kids the basics of robotics. New WeDo 2.0 replaces the old USB cables with a Bluetooth LE hub that connects to the motors and tilt sensors. The whole robot can be controlled using a drag-drop interface that can help them code basic robotic apps.


The WeDo 2.0 Kit includes various science projects that support STEM education Dubai. ATLAB reports that Lego has made 4th-grade science more interesting with 40 hours of lessons for students. Interestingly, this time, Lego bricks can be used to teach about biology and pollination. Redesigning a truck helps them learn about recycling.


The WeDo 2.0 is available in UAE for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, PCs and Macs and Chromebook. You can order one through the most trusted dealers in robotic educational toys from ATLAB.


There are many schools in the country which still follow traditional teaching methods. Mainly due to lack of funds or infrastructure. Most schools have computers and many students in elementary, middle and high school have access to smartphones. Parents can help their kids avail robotic toys like WeDo to enhance their wards learning ability. For today’s students the future seems by all accounts, to be digital. It is past time for robots, the most perfect of digital wonders, to become a salient part of every school’s curriculum. ATLAB plays a vital role in establishing a new educational system which can foster kids to face future challenges through effective communication and problem-solving mechanisms.