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Robotics & Electronics Superset Class Pack

24 students

From beginning coding to advanced AI, everything you need to teach and learn computer science and robotics.
Perfect for the classroom!
Build rovers and robots with additional components for more advanced projects. Engaging lessons include object recognition, autonomous driving, rapid prototyping and IoT. Comes in a class pack of 12 sets.
Advance your coding and technical skills
With over 125 hours of lessons, students progress from STEAM challenges with sensors and LED lights to line-following robots and advanced AI concepts – the only limit is their imagination!
Anyone can teach computer science!
Follow step by step guides in Further, an online tutorial and project library that offers offers 100+ hours of exciting standards-aligned computer science lessons and activities.


What is in the box?

pi-top [4] portable computer
  • Pre-installed Raspberry Pi 4 4GB
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • pi-top Display Cable -HDMI & USB adapters
  • pi-topOS on 16GB SD Card
Electronics Kit
  • 1x Foundation Plate
  • 1x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1x Buzzer
  • 1x Light Sensor
  • 1x Sound Sensor
  • 2x Potentiometers
  • 2x Green LEDs
  • 2x Yellow LED
  • 2x Red LEDs
  • 2x Buttons
  • 8x Connecting cables
Robotics Kit
  • 1x Expansion Plate
  • 50+ aluminium construction pieces
  • x250 rivets
  • 2x Servo motors
  • 2x Encoder motors
  • 1x Ultrasonic sensor
  • 1x HD 720p Camera
  • 1x Castor wheel
  • 1x Chassis plate
  • 2x Tyres
  • 6x Coloured balls
  • 2x 12mm Wheel connectors
  • 1x Phillips screwdriver
  • 1x Rivet removal tool
  • 2x Hex Allen keys
  • 1x Roll of blue line following tape
  • FREE pi-top [4] Protective case

Education Resource Information

Engaging content & teaching resources Pitop offers over 150 hours of standards-aligned computer science lessons and activities that are designed to take learners from basic block-based coding to advanced Python and AI. We want teachers to feel comfortable and confident with the lessons, especially those new to electronics and coding, so we offer teacher guides for each lesson to help them plan and progress through the activities with their students.
  • Teacher guides include possible solutions to code problems so teachers know what to expect from their students. Work done inside of the code editor is broken down, labeled, color coded and carefully explained to help teachers that are new to Computer Science.
  • Customizable content gives teachers the freedom to adjust lessons to be relevant to their students and provides differentiated learning opportunities for classes with students of varying skill levels.
  • Collaboration and teamwork are encouraged with ideas for group activities and lessons so students can work together on projects, whether they are inside the classroom or working remotely.
  • Formative and summative assessments are built in. All of the content has multiple formative tasks but also traditional and non-traditional summative tasks such as: multiple choice questions, written response questions, the ability to upload presentations/videos/ pictures/files.

Classroom, content, lesson management
Pi-top Further provides teachers with a content management system that is simple to use and allows both students and teachers to flex their creative computer science muscles!

  • Simplify lesson planning and implementation with SSO with: Clever, Google Classroom, and LMS integrations.
  • Lesson customization and modification provides flexibility in teaching and learning.
  • Aligned to key standards and frameworks across Computer Science, Reading and Math, including K12CS, ISTE, Common Core, CSTA, and more.
  • Interdisciplanry alignments and activities in every lesson.
  • DIfferentiated learning opportunities from block-based coding to advanced Python and AI concepts, pi-top lessons are designed to meet students where they are and support growth.
  • Teacher materials provide step-by-step guides to support all teaching and learning.