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Revolutionizing STEAM with SPIKE PRIME

Lego launched their latest set of blocks for kids this month, the SPIKE PRIME. The newest product support STEAM education system and is believed to help kids to grow their confidence.


SPIKE PRIME is the next big thing from LEGO education.


STEM educational leader Lego has announced a new set of robotics for children in school. Named as SPIKE Prime, the product intend to teach kids basic coding, allowing them to design. Lego Mindstorms have been in the educational sector with its innovative tools for quite some time. The Mindstorm EV3 robot kit is making waves, bringing huge difference to STEM education system in robotic classrooms.


SPIKE Prime is the newest product in the Lego Education that supports STEAM( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). The SPIKE Prime has an electronic hub,2×4 brick with three axle holes, a 1x3x3 connector beams and a selection of large rectangular beam frames. The central hub processing unit of SPIKE Prime has 6 input and output ports, sensors including RGB colour and light sensor, a force sensitive touch sensor and an ultrasonic distance sensor for measurement and navigation. The hub also has a six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, a speaker and a 5×5 LED screen. The hub has a 100MHz M4 320 KB RAM 1M FLASH processor.The product brings together Lego bricks, a programmable multi-port hub, sensors and motors powered by Scratch coding language. The SPIKE app comes with lessons for classroom education which are easy to be followed by teachers and kids. This makes SPIKE Prime an ideal companion is classrooms. The STEAM lessons created by educators helps to bring hands-on STEAM learning into their curriculum and get teachers and students excited about the STEAM subjects. SPIKE Prime set has 523 pieces which can be used by the kids to develop and create solutions.


SPIKE Prime set is a completely new innovation for LEGO. The robots made from SPIKE Prime looks attractive, just like the Lego boost-like, but never that complicated as few Mindstorm kits. The set is created specially for kids of 11-14 years old. Various studies conducted by LEGO shows that students may lose confidence in learning at this age. Once they fail at something they tend to ignore them and never try again. With SPIKE Prime and SPIKE app, LEGO is looking forward to a considerable change in students mentality towards the learning process. Children will be inspired to experiment with different solutions, try new things and ultimately become more confident learners.


It is an intuitive, adaptive and digitally creative approach to enable kids in STEAM education with confidence. Students tend to remember and learn from hands-on experiences which can help them to retain knowledge for the future. Schools across the world that follows STEAM education states that they have been getting enough time to let kids experience hands-on lessons.


STEAM learning makes children more confident through STEAM subjects with hands-on projects with peers. This boosts kids to be more enthusiastic and confident at school over all and enjoy learning new things. The entire LEGO Education portfolio, now including SPIKE Prime, was specifically designed to get students hands-on with lessons that challenge them to think critically and creatively, to problem solve and to communicate effectively with others.


LEGO education Dubai is providing confidence in learning toolkit and workshops to schools around the world to teach students to face real issues and create new designs and mechanisms through SPIKE Prime. LEGO Education learning and educators like the ATLAB has experts who will help teachers to incorporate hands-on STEAM learning into classrooms. Surveys across the world done at various STEAM Education centers
shows higher kids engagement in various learning activities and promote building their confidence in learning.


LEGO Education has bigger plans for the coming year. Boost sequels seems to be in the pipeline from the inspirations grown from SPIKE Prime. LEGO, even though claim that SPIKE Prime to be complete school product for the sixth to eighth grade, they have also brought STEAM creativity and engagements into after schools programs, robotics clubs, coding programs and maker spaces.

LEGO has added 11 new innovative elements into SPIKE Prime which is first of a kind. Innovative integrator brick, which allows for building together with both the LEGO Technic and the LEGO system platforms are the new elements which add creativity and new possibilities for kids.