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Revolutionising Education: Explore Coding and Robotics with the Ozobot Evo Classroom Pack

Today, in every field of learning, technology integration has taken the spotlight, shaking up traditional learning paradigms. And nowhere is this transformation happening faster than in the UAE, where innovation and real-world application are at the forefront of education. The integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) is at the heart of this educational revolution, preparing students for tomorrow’s challenges.

One of the driving forces behind this educational revolution is Ozobot. Ozobot is a pioneering company dedicated to designing and manufacturing programmable robots for STEAM education in the UAE, enhancing students’ understanding of interdisciplinary connections.

Understanding the Ozobot Evo Classroom Pack

Incorporating STEAM education in UAE reflects a commitment to nurturing innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among students. Ozobot has a clear mission to enable such creative learning methods, by providing a variety of learning experiences.

A leading product in this regard is the Evo Classroom Pack for K–12 classrooms, which combines technology and pedagogy. By promoting digital proficiency and reasoning in the modern age, the Ozobot Evo Classroom Pack transforms traditional approaches to teaching.

This has made students actively engage in their classes instead of just being recipients of information. The Evo robots are at the core of Ozobot’s strategy. They are adaptable and desk-friendly partners that introduce learners of all ages to the fields of automation and programming.

Two different kits, each designed to fit different classroom capacities and grades, are included in the Ozobot Evo Classroom Pack. The Evo Classroom Kit (18 Bots) provides more tools for bigger student groups of up to 36 students.

The Evo Classroom Kit (12 Bots) is designed for schools with intermediate student numbers limiting itself to 24 students. These kits enable students to explore the world of computer programming and robotics by acting as drivers for interactive learning experiences.

Both kits come complete with packs of Dual-tip Color Code markers, bot stickers, wireless charging cradles and other accessories. This provides educators with everything they need to facilitate engaging and interactive learning experiences. Delivering such dynamic lessons fosters collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills among students.

Understanding Ozobot Evo in the Classroom

The Evo Classroom pack is tailored to meet the needs of classrooms with moderate student populations. This offers educators a comprehensive toolkit to integrate robotics and coding for kids seamlessly into their curriculum. This kit includes 12 and 18 Ozobot Evo kits, each equipped with advanced features such as Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, proximity and optical sensors, LED lights and a built-in speaker.

The Evo robots also feature a long-lasting polycarbonate shell that can resist the rigours of classroom use. Moreover, every Evo bot has a rechargeable LiPo battery with a quick charging time of 60 minutes. This feature facilitates prolonged, uninterrupted use, giving students plenty of time to delve into coding and robotics concepts and experiment with them.

Students can explore coding Evo through two intuitive methods: screen-free using Color Code markers and online via the Ozobot Blockly visual programming platform. Using the suggested gadgets—Chromebooks, Apple Macs, Windows 10, iOS tablets and Android tablets—students can code Evo with ease.
Students can tap into their inventiveness and build critical modern abilities in a dynamic and interactive classroom for understanding sophisticated coding topics.

Coding Methods for Students

Using the Ozobot Evo Classroom Pack, students can learn two different coding techniques that offer a variety of chances for practical training:

1. Screen-free coding using Color Code markers:

Learners can program the Evo robots using colour patterns they design using Colour Code markers. Children can programme the robots to carry out certain tasks, like moving ahead, rotating, or switching colours, by using the markers to create lines and patterns. This approach to screen-free programming encourages physical learning and gives learners a concrete, natural way to engage with coding topics.

2. Online coding via Ozobot Blockly visual programming platform:

Students can build and run code to operate Evo robots virtually using the Ozobot Blockly visual programming platform. Students can build directions and actions for the robots by dragging and dropping code blocks through the use of block-based coding.

The virtual programming approach promotes experimenting and problem-solving in an online setting while giving students practical exposure to the basics of coding.

Educational Resources and Lesson Planning

Teachers can obtain flexible lesson plans which are appropriate for STEAM education in UAE including remote, hybrid and in-person classes, with the help of Ozobot kits. With Ozobot Classroom, educators can:

Compatibility and Recommended Devices

For teachers and parents:

For students:

The pack includes various coding techniques and educational resources to encourage students to explore, create and think creatively.

With its sophisticated features, the Evo Classroom Pack elevates your STEAM education in UAE and beyond. The Evo Classroom Pack combines imagination, inventiveness and convenience to transform education and shape the future generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

At Atlab ME, you have access to specialists having more than a decade of experience in ideating and creating designing and learning solutions. We offer the best in class solutions for pedagogical challenges that are present in educational, vocational, and workforce training.

Solutions from ATLAB are designed in a way that can help learning difficult concepts easily and in a practical way. Ozobot is one of the few products that ATLAB ME offers grades K-12 that makes it easier for teachers and students to engage for lessons in a convenient way.

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