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Pi-top is a leading brand in educational technology, renowned for its innovative products that empower learners to explore coding, electronics, and STEM concepts. Their flagship product, the Pi-top laptop, integrates seamlessly with Raspberry Pi, fostering hands-on learning experiences. Pi-top’s mission revolves around making STEM education accessible and engaging for all students.

pi-top Starter Pack

Grades : 6+
12 Students
The pi-top Starter Kit is a comprehensive set comprising six hardware kits designed to ignite curiosity and learning in computer science and robotics. Each kit offers hands-on exploration, fostering skills in programming, electronics, and robotics, empowering users to build, create, and innovate in the realm of STEM.

pi-top Class Pack

Grades 6+
36 students
pi-top Class Kit is a comprehensive solution, featuring 18 hardware kits tailored to enhance classroom learning in computer science and robotics. With versatile components, students delve into coding, electronics, and robotics, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for STEM education in an engaging classroom environment.

pi-top School Pack

Grades : 6+
60 Students
The pi-top School Kit is a complete educational package, boasting 30 hardware kits curated to enrich STEM learning at the school level. Offering diverse resources, students delve into coding, electronics, and robotics, cultivating essential skills for future innovation in an immersive educational setting, promoting hands-on exploration and discovery.
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