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PASCO Supports High School Physics Educators

PASCO provides High School Physics educators with the most ground-breaking solutions on the market by incorporating wireless technology with inquiry-based, hands-on activities that foster active learning. Our award-winning equipment easily integrates into your classroom with its cross-platform compatibility, live data, and supporting curriculum.

Whether you’re teaching Honors, IB®, AP® Physics 1 or 2, or General Physics courses, we offer lab manuals, experiments, and textbooks for your curricular needs. With PASCO in your Physics classroom, you can easily explore topics such as Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Optics, Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Waves, and Sound, and much more.

Physics High School Bundle

PASCO Bundles provide educators with specialized equipment and sensors for both laboratory and field applications. We offer bundles that vary in complexity and pricing for a wide range of topical applications. Whether you’re looking to introduce sensors, delve into complex mechanics, or simply integrate a new subject, PASCO has the bundle for you.

Science Lab Stations

Physics Lab Stations

Part code : EP-3579/ EP-3580

Seamlessly integrate sensor inquiry into any learning model with standards-based labs and sensors from PASCO’s Physics Lab Stations! These ready-to-use stations include:

  • 10 hands-on, standards-aligned investigations
  • Wireless Sensors, coding extension activities, and a storage case
  • Distance learning videos and data files for all 10 investigations
  • Digital access to PASCO’s Physics Lab Station Investigations manual

Advanced Physics 1

Advanced Physcis 1 kits and lab manual cover the latest standards for College Board Advanced Placement Physics 1.
 •  Every lab is based on the College Board Learning Objectives.
 •  Data Analysis and Assessment Questions are designed to prepare students for the AP® Physics 1 exam.
 •  Every lab employs the same strategies found in free response questions on the AP® exam.
 •  Includes editable student handouts.

Advanced Physics2

Advanced Physics 2

Integrate inquiry-based experiments with PASCO technology to prepare students for the AP Physics 2 exam.

Essential Physics – Standard and Comprehensive Bundle

Part code : EP-6490 / EP-3567 / EP-6323 / EP-6326

Equipment kit for all the hands-on labs within the Essential Physics Curriculum and/or the Essential Physics Student Lab Manual.


Smart Cart

The patented Smart Cart is the ultimate tool for studying kinematics, dynamics, Newton’s Laws, and more. It is based on a durable ABS body with nearly frictionless wheels, just like our high quality PAScars.

Advanced Structures Set

The Advanced Structures Set includes additional components for building a wider variety of structures. Build larger trusses, bridges, and even a working catapult! The included axles and pulleys make it possible to build working cranes, cars, and other structures.

Advanced Structures Set
Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kit

Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kit

These circuit modules are designed specifically for introductory circuits investigations. For students who have never wired a circuit, this modular system makes it easy for them to see their circuit physically laid-out exactly as it appears in their circuit diagram.