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New Lego coding express

The New Lego Coding express

Coding express from Lego is aimed at providing early education to kids and learners. The product is kid friendly and is easy to play around. Check the new Lego Coding express at Atlabshoponline and avail it for a discounted price.


Lego education’s Coding express is designed for early learners with an innovative approach for teachers and students alike. As always, Lego states, encouraging learning through play. The Lego Education coding express is a buildable kid-friendly piece along with specialized color bricks that children can use to program vehicles to move on a track.


The coding express recognizes colours used by the kids in making the vehicle, which allows it to travel along a track. Kids can use the train attachment or caterpillar character. For example, each colour signals the vehicle to respond accordingly, like a green to change direction and blue for refueling. The box contains 234 similar and different bricks, a series of well-designed picture cards, resources with instructions to check the curriculum provided and apps to help support and enhance the play experience.


With the help of app, kids can now check the animated version of the caterpillar once the kid places the block on train’s base. The caterpillar may sneeze or take a short nap when it passes over certain bricks, which is shown, on the screen. Kids can pick up and place the coloured bricks in front of the train as it choo-choos along the track, essentially altering what it does as it passes. Since the coding express is meant for early education and therefore the bricks cannot be reprogrammed. But kids can always choose the colour brick by placing it before the train in changing directions as it moves.


While laying the track, kids can check for all possibilities with the bricks making vast layouts out of their ideas, using much of the space. While making the train, kids can utilize the build cards and make use of them to make necessary changes in their ideas. The entire set works over Bluetooth with optional iOS or android apps, without being connected to the internet. The app provides activities called journeys, characters, music and math. The color-coded bricks and its function that each serve in travel and animation. Many applications can help in building the train but its best to let the kid learn from observations after the completion of the train. Kids can continue to engage with the set, moving associated parts, the refueling station, landscape additions and animals, with independent alignment of the “coding strips” to match functionality with design.


Lego education is installed to provide Key learning values that include, sequencing, looping, conditional coding, express ideas with digital elements, language & literacy, collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking. The Lego products are intended to make a bridge between innovation and learning which is believed to be the absolute with Coding express. Through the educational perspective of STEAM, coding express is a gift to early education and the student community is excited to see what is coming next.


The Lego Education Coding Express is currently available through Atlab. Atlab is a leading STEM educational resource provider. The Coding express at Atlab is available for a discounted rate of 861AED. Each kit comes with an engine and plenty of track, figures and accessories. Accessories help kids to build their imagination with adorable details like cake and tea for picnic, a deer and a deer crossing signboard. The set is large which can be spread across a vast place and 6 kids can work together to put the train on track. Coding express thus tries to make interpersonal skills between growing kids.


Coding Express is built on large Duplo blocks, which are easy on little hands. The coding express is intended for kids between 18 months – 5 months even though Lego doesn’t prescribe specific age limits. Instead, the company thinks teachers and the kids themselves will decide when they are ready to start, and when they’re ready to move on to more-advanced products like Mindstorms.Coding express comes under a common core curriculum which includes lesson plans with standard educational plans. Schools can now buy Lego education Coding express from trusted dealers like Atlab.