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The new hands-on learning experience with PITSCO

Learning through experience is the best practice for educating children. STEM education allows kids to learn engineering and its concept at an early age making them well equipped for their future career. PITSCO offers educational tools for STEM education system across the globe.


After the major world wars that happened, the countries affected had to focus on the education system that emphasised more on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM education system has become the need of hour even though it hasn’t been completely successfully adopted across the globe. Reason being people unaware of the effectiveness of STEM education Dubai. Every year the need for professionals in the technological sector is increasing. Implementing STEM education system to our current educational system can bring drastic changes to our future.


Future jobs in science and technology need a much better understanding and knowledge provided by the current educational system.  Students who are early exposed to problem-based learning are given chance to develop logical and analytical skills. They become technologically literate making them think about the future in a much better way. Many schools around the world are now opting for the STEM education system understanding how it helps children to develop key skills and interest and the possibility of changing the entire economy.


As each individual starts to work, he/she should be equipped enough to think critically, analyze, and explore new horizons that can benefit society. A child who has taken STEM education can help to build a better society. New inventions and innovations, environmentally friendly living technologies are possibilities of STEM. Countries like Japan and Singapore have been following STEM education in their schools for long which makes them technologically rich.


STEM education doesn’t just carter future technological needs but enables each kid to develop and learn life skills. Thus, STEM education system helps every kid to follow their ambition irrespective of the career they are looking for. It is important that education helps in the overall development of children. Educators around the world are now thinking of interdisciplinary options for teaching children life skills. Giving students STEM will help them regardless of their future career choice. And if they do choose to enter STEM, you will have given them the skills to help themselves, and the entire country grows and develop.


STEM education might be a new thought for many educators. Little they knew about its possibilities and how it can change the future of our society.  Few early educators like Pitsco understood the scope of STEM education and made educational tools that enable the kid to think different.

Pitsco, a company founded more than 40 years ago is providing a socially interactive and learner-centric environment making kids prepare well for their career. An environment ideal for test ideas, work with interactions and lead open-ended projects for children. Pitsco believes that providing these to kids at an early age can help them develop perseverance, collaboration skills and a great mindset. The system is rooted and supported by a research-based and futuristic learning process that is implemented in the curriculum and educational products.


Each Pitsco product ensures that the school gets the right product to help students to develop skills that are required for a more challenging tomorrow. Hands-on experience and problem-solving skills are spread across the learning process making classrooms a launchpad to the right career. Pitsco education enhances self-learning ability of kids making them self directed citizens. Companies are looking for individuals who demonstrate initiative and skill while performing technical duties and creatively solve problems. Pitsco classrooms make the right individuals with great responsibility to serve the challenges of tomorrow.


Pitsco Educational products are pioneers in STEM solutions. Various products, curriculum, learning program and hands-on experience are distributed worldwide through trusted channels like ATLAB. Pitsco introduces two educational tools, the Tetrix robotics system and CO2 dragster.


Tetrix robotic system

Tetrix robotic system is developed for middle and high school students. The system gives an easy path to start exploring robotics at an early age. The Tetrix provides a durable and versatile building platform for the STEM education system and coding. The robotic system can boost creativity and help kids to solve real-world problems in logical and scientific ways.


CO2 Dragster

Design and race your own CO2 dragster. CO2 dragster of Pitsco introduces children to dragging activity in the classroom. It enables students to explore, design, aerodynamics, friction, and other concepts in the classroom environment. AP (Air-Powered) Dragster – Getting Started Package comes with AP Dragster Designer 30-Pack, AP Dragster Launcher and a Hand Pump.