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All you need to know about learning robotics in the UAE

Intro to robotics

Are you picturing Asimov’s sleek humanoids aiding us in daily labour in our hypothetical future? You might not be far off; The field of robotics today is quickly catching up to the dimensions of its sci-fi counterpart, with wide-spread applications.

Essentially, the study of robotics covers all aspects of the field ranging from design to assembly, operating, and of course application – and they don’t all have humanlike features.

Current trends to future possibilities

Robotics today revolves around building a system of physical components that can perform varied tasks or mediate new technology.

For decades, organizations like Nasa have harnessed the use of robotic technology to provide precise assistance in complex operations; Even your everyday drones are an offshoot of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), a type of robotics that gained popularity in use during the First World War.

New classes of sensors and monitoring technologies that asses’ factors like air pressure, motion, etc. along with the development of big data, offer increased programming capabilities for robotic systems, advancing a generation of robotics with applications in manufacturing, medicine, safety, and transportation.

As automation, and subsequently robotics, are becoming more and more commonplace, an education incorporating robotics is essential for the workforce of tomorrow.

Robotics Programs in UAE

With no doubts as to the importance of a robotics education, there are a number of programs for educational robotics in the UAE.

Parents and educators looking to introduce robotics learning for kids can select from a series of robotics courses in Dubai conducted by Atlab.

A pioneering educational solution provider in the region, Atlab’s team helps with choosing a solution, setting up labs, and provides product training as well as certified professional development. Their ATLAB STEM Academy, which provides STEM based learning solutions, and their vocational training curricula include a robotics-based program for students in Dubai, and the UAE.

Atlab’s robotics inclusive educational solutions

The educational arm of the Centena Group, Atlab’s STEM programs include robotics-based learning for institutes across the UAE.

Partnering with LEGO Education, PITSCO Education, PASCO Scientific, SAM Labs, and XYZ Printing, Atlab’s training and educational systems for K-12 offer robotics classes for children of all ages; they can even be used in training seminars for working professionals.

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