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Molecular Model Set

Part code – PS-3400

The Molecular Model Set is the perfect tool to help students understand core science concepts such as the conservation of mass, chemical formulas, and balancing equations. They are critical in making more advanced concepts easier to visualize helping students predict polarity or study reaction mechanisms. Students can explore intermolecular attractions, steric hindrances, nomenclature and complex structure. Anything is possible for students, from creating simple water or carbon dioxide molecules to complex biochemicals such as amino acids, as they make models while they study Chemistry and Biochemistry.


What is in the box?

  • 86x Atoms
  • 153x Bonds

Education Resource Information

Topics covered –

  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Chemical Formula
  • Store Labels and Model Building
  • Molar Mass
  • Balancing Chemical Equations
  • Modeling limiting Reactants


  • Modeling limiting Reactants
  • Lewis structures and VSEPR
  • Reaction Equilibrium
  • Bonding and Organic Chemistry