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Middle School Earth Science Teacher Guide

Part code - PS-3851
Grade – 6-8
Part code - PS-3851
Grade – 6-8

All-new, standards-based, STEM-focused Middle School Earth Science Teacher Guide has been designed by educators and curriculum experts for both new and experienced teachers. The 13 core lab activities engage students as they collect real-time data, make predictions, use critical thinking skills, and build vocabulary skills with key terms challenges. Students get practice for standardized exams with multiple-choice questions.

The guide includes assessment, as well as a flash drive with teacher tips, the full teacher edition, and an editable MS Word version of student handouts. The guide supports the use of SPARKvue, the SPARK Science Learning System, and all PASPORT interfaces.

What is in the box?

  • Spiral-bound Teacher Binder with PDF versions of each activity and a wealth of resources
  • Editable Word files for each student version
  • Flash Drive containing all information in electronic format

Education Resource Information

  1. Introduction to the Teacher Guide
  2. Acid Rain and Weathering
  3. Exploring Environmental Temperatures
  4. Investigating Evaporation and Condensation
  5. Investigating Seismic Waves
  6. Mapping the Ocean Floor
  7. Monitoring Weather
  8. Night and Day
  9. Observing Clouds
  10. Seasons
  11. Soil Characteristics
  12. Soil Salinity
  13. Water – The Universal Solvent
  14. Water’s Role in Climate