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Making toys interesting for your children

Gift your child the best toy for his life. Make it worth by choosing the best toy that can help him grow sharper, confident and problem solver. ATLAB, leading educational solution providers in the UAE has a wide range of STEM/STEAM toys for all.   Toys for children are changing, their idea, design and utility has become vital beyond just entertaining them. Parents are mostly unaware of the changing toy market or find it difficult in choosing a suitable one for their children. When choosing a toy, you might consider a few tips from next time. Check out the STEM and STEAM educational toys in Dubai at ATLAB, a trusted Middle East educational solution provider- No 1 provider in the GCC circle lists out a few tips.  
  1. Understand your child’s interest and find a suitable toy for them. That means all the functions of the toy can be played by your children and it can help to build your child’s confidence and problem-solving skills.
  2. The toy should be durable which can be used by your child for a long time. It needs to be solid and won’t be broken easily. More importantly, the functions should be various and attractive so that your child won’t be tired of it in a short period of time. Buy toys that can be designed, changed and interesting. Try the Lego educational toys for a difference.
  3. The appearance of the toy should also be attractive to your child. A good looking toy can catch your child’s eyes easily. Lego building blocks are both beautiful and practical which can develop a child’s operating ability by making new models and gaining knowledge about basic science.
  4. Choose a toy which can help to perfect your child’s character. If your children are very active, you can buy him a Tetrix robot which can cultivate his patience and ability to think sharp. And if your kid is a little introversive, then a Kubo robot can do away.
Before going to buy a toy for kids, you can first ask your child’s opinion about it. Don’t buy it according to your own will. And make sure that the toy is the one designed for the children at your child’s age. All in all, when choosing an educational toy for your kids, a good looking and instructive one is a good choice.   ATLAB is a No 1 provider of educational solutions in UAE. ATLAB sells some of the best known brands which manufacture educational toys that boost STEM and STEAM curriculum.  ATLAB collaborates with some of the best brands like Lego Education, Pitsco Education, Kubo, XYZ printing and many more. You can choose toys that best suits you, child, from the never-ending options at ATLAB. You can also opt for online shopping for toys in the UAE by following the link –