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Lego SPIKE PRIME for STEAM education


Lego SPIKE PRIME is one of the most innovative and intuitive educational products that compliments STEAM education. SPIKE PRIME is changing how students grasp subjects, making them critical thinkers and problem solvers with confidence.


Lego SPIKE PRIME came to market in April 2019 becoming one of the most anticipated educational products from Lego. Lego SPIKE PRIME is an intuitive, adaptive and engaging learning experience that helps kids to build confidence and problem-solving skills.  The product equips students with skills that are needed for the 21st century, to tackle the challenges of the future.


Lego brick is a programmable, multi-port hub and sensors and motors, all powered by engaging SPIKE App which works on scratch coding language. The kit comes with 32 lesson plans. Atlab, a pioneering educational service provider points out some key details of Lego SPIKE Prime.

  • Lego SPIKE PRIME contains 603 pieces. It includes one intelligent block/hub.
  • It contains one large (angular) motor, two small motors, and three sensors (touch, distance-ultrasonic, and color/light)
  • The pieces are in a new color palette that are more appealing.
  • There are some new pieces such as a very cool looking wheel, larger frame, base plate for technic building, wire clips, biscuit, ball and castor, as well as 2×4 brick with three axle holes, new gears, etc.
  • It comes with a reusable box, two sorting trays, some curriculum material you can use right away and an app for programming.
  • There is also an expansion set (45680). You get 603 pieces including large wheels, banana gears, a color sensor and a large motor.


Lego products are colourful and well made. When the blocks are fully loaded, it looks sturdy and strong. The lesson contains valuable STEM concepts and design ideas. Lesson plans are student friendly and can be easily incorporated into regular STEM education systems. The instructions provided with the Lego SPIKE PRIME are easy to follow and can be enjoyed by all. The SPIKE PRIME comes with easy packaging, with all bricks placed perfectly inside the package which makes it easy to take out and build the SPIKE PRIME.


The New Lego SPIKE PRIME can be used by any LEGO beginner with its easy operational ability. The block-based coding done for the PRIME makes it’s software up and running. SPIKE PRIME is designed for ages 10+ (grade 6 to 8). The lessons are planned academically for the age group and the blocks can be adapted to any level of academic need.


Lego SPIKE PRIME and STEAM Learning

Lego SPIKE PRIME compliments the STEAM Learning process to all schooling periods. Tutors can check the lessons upforth by the Lego and guide the students in solving different problems. Each lesson plan includes tips for assessment, discussion, and differentiation. The main themes of the block are engineering design process, programming with variable data, developing computational thinking skills, and applying the engineering design process through a robotic challenge.


Teachers can offer simple exercises to students like the Hopper, a simple robot which can drag itself using its legs. Another simple exercise is to build robots to run a business where they need to check the quality of the product or the carting product. Projects cover different ranges of skills which makes students develop a multidisciplinary approach or even a co-teaching environment. Students learn through hands-on experience rather than relying on books and other resources. The STEAM learning experience equips them to solve real-world problems more efficiently. It is designed to get students think about classrooms while they work together and have fun innovating with the familiar building blocks of childhood.


The Lego SPIKE PRIME app contains instructions, videos and contents to make the learning process more fun. The simplicity of design makes students follow the learning process in a more fun-filled and entertaining way. It’s a thoroughly thought-through product that takes into account gender-neutral colors, missing pieces, and self-assessment opportunities in the lesson plans. But students will mostly love the innovation, teamwork, fun, and satisfaction that comes with working toward a goal. Don’t be surprised if students ask to use the kit outside of class!