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Lego education tools for STEM education

Lego is pioneers in creating educational toys that helps children to become brilliant minds of tomorrow. The Lego educational tools are highly praised for supporting STEM education which helps to build confidence, problem-solving skills, and challenges of the future.


Our future is based on developments in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The four core subjects responsible for the change in the future. Children need to be given an early emphasis on these subjects to keep them motivated and for greater innovations. The STEM educational system focuses on imparting scientific abilities to children.  There are a number of excellent reasons why you might want to consider STEM-based learning for you or someone in your household. Here are a few of the many advantages that you can expect when exploring this option.


Technology is affecting everyday life and transforming societies. It is important to have a solid understanding of the changes happening in technologies. To really understand what is happening in regards to the gadgets and equipment that rule your life, you will want to make sure that you take courses that help you to understand the technologies of today. STEM education can help anyone to update on anything going on in tech fields, while simultaneously teaching you about how and why these updates are being made important. This helps broaden the thoughts and install a spectrum of new ideas in individuals who are seeking a career in science and technology. Part of the excitement that surrounds these various sciences is that your imagination is key to making the future a more tangible concept.


The future needs sparkling minds who can build bridges, launch spacecraft, define new laws in physics, and invent vacations for pandemics like Covid-19 for the world. STEM education has the scope of developing minds that can actually bring change to our future. When you take courses that focus on the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, you will be getting a firm grasp on the core tenants of all of these fields. These are not basic courses on how to add or subtract, or which chemicals are found where on the periodic table. Instead, they are hands-on classes that help you to actually understand how and why the technologies and science works, and utilize various formulas and theories to illustrate each point. You will be able to look at the planet from a whole new perspective and move into a field of work that can help to completely reshape society for the better.


ATLAB, pioneers in providing modern education solutions are promoting STEM educations through their extensive business. ATLAB is a technology-driven STEM-based hands-on learning solutions providing innovative educational tools to educational institutions, universities, and training labs across the Middle East region. ATLAB explains three of the innovative STEM education tools that are now high in demand.

  1. The Lego Mindstorm EV3
    It’s all fun and intelligence with the Lego Mindstorm EV3. The third-gen automation comes colour recognition sensors, shoots balls in the air and can follow complex programming. The EV3 meant for super-inventive kids is 16 inches of wonder toy. The EV3 comes with motors and sensors with 594 lego blocks. The main brick runs on an ARM9300MHz processor with 64MB RAM and 16MB storage device. The brick can be connected to a computer or Bluetooth to control the robot toy from a phone or a tablet. Wifi enables the brick in sending programs and sounds and also a SD card slot for extra storage space.The EV3 series includes R3PTAR( a cobra), the tank TRACK3R, and a six-legged scorpion-like SPIK3R. Each one is different and has its own unique features. There are two larger motors, one smaller motor, a touch sensor, an IR (infrared) sensor, and a color sensor. One can program the brick without building the starter bots which gives versatility in experimenting with motors and sensors.
  2. WeDo
    The Lego Education WeDo construction set combines Lego bricks with one motor, two sensors, and a hub that connects the model to the computer. It comes with a drag and drop interface for writing basic application. The kid-friendly nature of WeDo 2.0, learning is made lot more fun and engaging. The kit also includes a Bluetooth Low Energy-based hub that connects to a motor, as well as motion and tilt sensors. The package has 16 projects for more than 40 hours of content which equips children to understand complex topics in physics, engineering and programming. The simplicity and versatility of WeDo 2.0 makes it ideal for classroom STEM education process. Kids can work in pair using one WeDo set and a computer or a tablet to improve their collaboration and communication skills.
  3. Spike Prime
    Spike prime can be used by 2-3 kids at a time to solve engineering programs through comprehensive 32 different lessons. The set comes with 528 pieces in a range of shape and vibrant colors, three motors, three sensors, data cables, and a yellow multi-port hub that serves as the brain. The multi-port hub can carry multiple programs that can be commanded by light and sound. Scratch coding language is used for programming commands for the set.The set includes 11 completely new elements, a Technic base plate which allows building in all direction, wheels and 3×3 brick which allows all kinds of connections for challenges. Weather guy, Handheld grabber tool, a grasshopper-like insect, a rhino-like pressure sensor bot, and a dancing robot are some of the favorite challenges in the Spike prime. There are also sensors that can track color, distance, and pressure to allow kids to design robots with different functions.


You can choose from various Lego education sets that are apt for your children from the Atlabshoponline. You can talk with STEM experts and understand the versatility of the new-generation toys.