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Learning Programming with CoDrone

Who isn’t interested in drones? And what if they provide an easy learning opportunity for programming? Now learning programming with the help of Robolink CoDrone available from Atlab, a leading STEAM educational resource provider.

The world is changing fast-paced and the next-generation needs a unique kind of problem solvers who are filled with curiosity and creativity.

 Classrooms need to be more lively and engaging. Educational resource providers like Atlab have been providing various tools that students can use to get into coding or NGSS based products. One of the products that added to their already filled array is the CoDrone Pro. CoDrone from Robolink is a tiny quadcopter drone that can be easily programmed to do whatever is instructed; like follow you, engage in laser battles, go through maze and more. If you are planning to learn programming then learning with CoDrone can be an exciting experience.

The Robolink CoDrone comes with an Arduino based remote control that can be programmed so that the drone follows the code provided. Robolink introduced two variants of CoDrone, the lite and the pro. They can be paired with a phone or tablet through Bluetooth connectivity, it allows text-based coding with python. The Pro CoDrone unlike the lite version allows the kids to code in either python or Arduino IDE. Both the versions can be coded with Snap, making it usable for younger aspiring programmers as well. The remote control comes along with the kit.

Once unpacked, everything needs to be assembled which itself is a great experience. Teachers can allot a single project to a group of kids and watch them work together. It provides a great learning experience for kids and they learn to pay attention to every detail. The direction plugs face makes a difference.  Once they are put together, they can be paired to the remote. If kids or teachers face any difficulty in connecting the remote and the drone, you can contact the dealer or check the Robolink website. The Robolink website has many tutorials to help assemble and make the drone fly.

 Teachers need to remember that a minor mismatch in the coding might affect the overall functionality of the drone. Always check the program and refer to tutorials before handing the CoDrone to students. You can also contact Atlab, in case you have purchased the CoDrone from, you can seek assistance from Atlab educators.

The Robolink website contains good tutorials on how to get the CoDrone libraries and everything in setting up the Arduino IDE. One can also check for details on the webpage or follow the page Once the IDE is done, the teacher can load the flight controller program from the example code to the drone. Once an issue is fixed, disconnect and reset the dip switch.

Push the battery into the drone and turn on the remote. Once the pairing is done, the remote starts making a cool sound which tells you everything is fine to go. Seeing the drone hovering, the kids will be all excited and curious to take control over the remote. The CoDrone flies with much stability and it jiggles, a quick calibration can bring back the stability. Instructors and teachers are requested to check the tutorials in the Robolink website before flying the drone.

CoDrone is durable and lightweight. Hitting the ground might be a common thing but there isn’t anything to worry about. The Codrone is abled with little landing pieces which save the drone most of the time.

In perfect conditions, the drone can fly stably for 8 complete minutes. Guarding the propeller can add weight to the drone which can affect the actual duration of the flight. If the battery drains during the flight, the drone safely lands within a few seconds. Recharge the drone to fly it again since once the battery is drained, propellers won’t move a second.

Taking the propeller guard off can bring a considerable change in the flight motion. The guards can be easily removed by placing the drone on a plain surface and gently pushing them down. They come off without much effort. Various reviews and Atlab experts state that the Robolink CoDrone is a solid little drone. They are now available at a discounted rate at Atlab online shopping website. The drone helps anyone to learn the basics of programming while flying the same. The Robolink team does a great job of having learning resources available on their website.

Going through tutorials and talking to an expert from Atlab is highly advised for making informed decisions regarding CoDrone.