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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Dubai

Know more about the all New LEGO® Education BricQ Motion


Introducing the all-new Lego BricQ Motion. Another toy to promote STEAM education in UAE, ATLAB encourages teachers, students and parents to try out the new Lego BricQ Motion.


LEGO Education has been innovative in bringing out new STEM educational toys and they have introduced Lego BricQ Motion Essential last month. Lego is confident in providing a different STEAM learning approach with this new add up. While robotics are awesome, and programming is becoming a more and more common skill. BricQ Motion Prime is aimed at secondary school children, while BricQ Motion Essential is for younger primary school-aged kids. Both kits encourage experimentation with forces, motion and interactions in the context of sports. They are available now at ATLAB online store in UAE, a leading STEAM educational service provider in UAE. You can check out various STEAM educational tools by from Atlabme.


The BricQ Motion line is built on the foundation of the 5 E’s of Inquiry-Based Learning and breaks the lessons down into those sections.

  • Engage – Students consider a challenge or situation that they can relate to but ask questions about. (Like the physics behind shooting a basketball.)
  • Explore – Students formulate ideas/hypotheses and test them with hands-on activities.
  • Explain – Teachers help students understand their findings and establish new ideas.
  • Elaborate – Students expand their comprehension by applying the ideas to new situations.
  • Evaluate – Students assess their knowledge and comprehension of the lesson.

Both the primary-level kit and its secondary-level includes a handful of unique elements, which is a staple of LEGO Education sets. The BricQ Prime sets consist primarily of studless Technic beams and associated connectors, whereas the Essential ones, for younger kids, stick to old-style Technic beams. The kit comes in a sturdy plastic tote complete with sorting trays. The included sticker sheet provides labels for colour sorting to make finding parts easier for young learners. In total, there are 11 polybags, 8 of which are numbered. The bag of parts has its own designated spot, which makes it easier for kids to find a certain part of a certain color. Also included is a box of replacement parts in case some go missing.


There are also two instruction booklets with ten total building activities.  The first instruction booklet has some of the more basic builds while the second booklet is a bit more advanced. The first simple lesson is to give students a quick look at how motion works by using the splat pieces. Connecting them closely together allows all four of them to spin.


One build teaches students how inertia works with the help of a hockey game. The puck, represented by a rim, is hit by turning the splat piece, which controls the whole section with the skater. The goalie is also controlled by the splat piece as well. Following that is also a lesson about inertia. There’s a whole section that uses a spring piece to push the brick to hit the car. Next up is a balancing lesson that uses some weighted 2×6 bricks. Students will have to learn how to adjust the weights on the Technic axle to keep the gymnast up on the rope.


The next build is a basketball build that uses multiple things to achieve the goal. The “shooter” uses the weighted brick to shoot the ball into the basket. Students can adjust the distance to the basket using the gear in the middle. The back is also adjustable as well. Then comes the fun build that uses a pulley system to show how weight is distributed to the weightlifter. Two weighted bricks are in the back and you can push up or down on the wheels/barbell to see the pulley system works. Lastly, we have a long slope for the sledge to go down on to learn about gravity.


You can purchase Lego BricQ Motion from ATLAB store in UAE. The kit is considered useful for teachers, facilitators, or parents. Each kit is intended to be for two students, which could even be stretched. There are even personal kits, sold separately, that can be purchased to allow for take-homes and remote learning. Overall it Lego STEAM Dubai educational toy LEGO® BricQ Motion in UAE is a promising solution for holistic education, coming at just the right time.