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Hybrid Learning from LEGO Education

Hybrid Learning from LEGO Education

Hybrid learning in the UAE with the support of LEGO and ATLAB is making a considerable change in the educational scenario. ATLAB is one of the premier educational service providers in the UAE.

STEM education is essentially a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects made easy through innovative toys. STEM education can nourish the career of students in a better way than the conventional educational system that is in place now. STEM education is now given at the school level and the gap between school and higher education is a matter of concern. There is a steady increase in STEM-related jobs all across the world.

There is a shortage of STEM experts who can give guidance to students. STEM education trainers need to be effective and well trained with the subjects. The fact that the STEM education system calls for a higher cost of running and finding the right trainers, makes it tough for students to pursue STEM education. This has led to a new opportunity of exploring alternative models of disseminating STEM education.

Recent studies during the pandemic on the feasibility of online training methods for STEM education systems have shown that an online learning model of STEM education is almost as effective as conventional formats. A hybrid model of STEM education, which merges online, and offline learning has a lot of potentials, observes STEM experts at the ATLAB. ATLAB elaborates how hybrid-learning methods are an effective learning method forward.

Operational Friendly

Making the right infrastructure is a major money-drawing process for STEM Education. With online STEM learning, educators now need to spend less on infrastructure and convert the profit into investing in making the right curriculum. When it comes to a hybrid model of technical education, there is no limit to the number of students who can cover the course. This makes STEM education more affordable and within the reach of many.

Expert trainers

STEM education trainers are hard to find and at least they hold on to a full-time STEM trainer. In a hybrid model, institutions or organizations that offer STEM courses can definitely engage industry experts to take sessions or topics with students without the need to be physically tied down to the academic world.

Reaching Beyond

Online STEM learning helps the curriculum to reach every student possible and serve a much larger cohort of learners. Online learning can even reach the remotest of locations, as it only needs a device and internet connection. The process also helps students identify their passion and follow them early. Online STEM learning is much cheaper than conventional courses, parents and students are more likely to explore the same to identify interest areas.

New Normal

Post-Pandemic, the educational sector is on a massive change and rethinking about infrastructure, mode of education and cost-effectiveness. ATLAB observes that the success of the online STEM education system has a definite direction towards implementing hybrid models. The pandemic has affected our lives and economy on one hand and on the other numerous opportunities to reinvent, pivot and close the demand gap.

Blended Learning from Lego.

The 5E instructional model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) lends itself to implementation in a blended learning environment because some stages of the model work best in an in-person setting, while others can easily be accomplished asynchronously. LEGO® lesson plans follow the 5E model, making it easy to quickly transition to a blended learning format. Follow these tips to prepare any LEGO Education lesson for a blended learning situation.


With LEGO Education’s in-app and online lessons, students can get a head start at home. They can collaborate and understand with confidence in the classroom, making the most of student-trainer time together.


Educators always wish they had more time to do things with their students. Teachers can now have more in-person class time for students to create, collaborate, problem-solve, experiment as they build and iterate on designs.


Group discussions and hands-on demonstrations give students the opportunity to display their current knowledge and ask for clarification. The process enhances students to have critical thinking and finding sustainable resolutions.


After your students have worked through their projects in a classroom setting, ask them to replicate the project in their home environment. Trainers need to bring new ideas or steps for students to go beyond the basic project and creatively explore new idea


Facilitate an online showcase of your students’ work where healthy criticisms and mutual understandings are done. Assessment is the backbone of any educational system and hybrid STEM education in UAE provides that.

You can get in touch with ATLAB to know more about Hybrid learning methods and how you can implement them at your school, college or institute in a cost-effective and innovative way.