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How Design inspires future


Design is the key and always has an edge over technology. Atlab explains why design is the thing of the future and anything and everything needs to inspire the future.


It’s true that inspiration is the only tool to work in the future. So how was the inspiration for all those major brands out in the market who has created the unique following? Brands like Apple, Nike, Amazon or Tesla are considered the most innovative brands right now in the global market. What makes them different, is it the service, the product, the technology or the design?


What makes Apple special? You have everything to think about when it comes to APPLE, one of the world’s most valuable companies that relies on design for inspiration. From products to packaging and stores, everything is uniquely designed for APPLE. So what is Apple without design, it’s just the technology that is common to all. So without a doubt, we can infer that design is the way to the future. ATLAB, one of the best design Lego education providers in UAE has a wide range of service, product and courses which cater to STEM/STEAM educational systems.


Design is tough to explain and it’s tricky to understand which is the reason why too many businesses and brands look mediocre. The very best design would be always invisible, making it hard to express the visual appeal of any product. A design might occur out of the least accepted ideas or maybe an end-thought breed from the head of a lazy designer, rather than forming something through traditional methods.


Customers are looking for standing out designs subconsciously. Owning one is altogether a different subject, but then customers are often pleased or made to choose a product using standing out designs in packaging and product. In this digital era, customers have limited time for bad user experiences. One needs to be satisfied enough with the design to be patient with the product. We are constantly looking for designs which can make our life easier by providing the right user experience. 


New starts up in the global market has understood the essence of design and has made it the main criterion is choosing solutions. Take Paytm for example, the success of the app lies in the user-friendly design which enables anyone to pay bills in a few taps. OYO experienced a hike in its customer base when they started to list apartments which were aesthetically different and pleasing. Same is with Airbnb, the business was boosted up when they invested in hiring professional video equipment to showcase the listed spaces.


The customer’s obsession with APPLE or NIKE explains to us the role of design in the growth of a business. Various surveys in the global market have shown that design-centric companies grow at an exponential rate compared to other brands. Google and Microsoft are becoming design-conscious in their products.  Steve Jobs was blessed with the sense of design which he made into a tangible business idea which eventually made a mark and gained the trust of every customer.


Design is emotionless without details. Success comes when brands choose to change conventional designs with changes that were either ignored or went unnoticed.  Profits are earned by small design changes made to the product, app or packaging. Many companies around the world have started to hire chief design officers. When CEOs partner perfectly with the design team, when design chiefs are given authority and recognition, a brand is set to make a difference.


Design thinking can help businesses to grow in a whole new dimension. Designers have eventually become business solution providers because they believe to know the needs of customers, empathize with them and understand the possibilities of each solution. Break-through innovations happen with the smallest change in the design and are made insightful. Designers put customers first which helps them to solve complex challenges through design solutions to make life more convenient and futuristic.


From an Instagram page to the design of a powerful electric car, design overpowers technology to win the heart of customers. ATLAB encourages individuals and communities to look at design in different prescriptive ways that can help us to face future challenges.