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We understand how this lockdown is affecting you and your kids mentally. It becomes frustrating and restless at times to be inside closed doors. But we hope, we all understand how important is to stay inside for the sake of us and for everyone around.

It would be tough to explain to your kids what’s happening around. Everything might seem normal for them. Their world is out there to play and have fun. The schools have been shut and it has affected the educational sector. Every parent is to be worried about their children’s education. It’s a time to understand that education isn’t necessarily about attending school. Education can be attained with the right guidance from the home.

STEM education Dubai always believes in hands-on experience and a fun-filled learning process. ATLAB has been providing various STEM educational products to home, schools and educators. This lockdown shouldn’t affect your kid’s education or maybe let’s take this as a very positive note. Let’s open new ways of learning and fun to your kids by opening them the windows to STEM educational tools.

ATLAB offers you a surprise discount to get your kids their favourite robots, puzzles, online classes and lego building blocks. Atlab shop online gives you a flat discount of 15% across all the products!

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