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Individual students
Grade 6 onwards
Individual students
Grade 6 onwards

Geoscan Pioneer  is a multifunctional educational and methodical kit for schools, modeling and robotics sections. 

Geoscan Pioneer

An assembly kit for creation and programming of the unmanned aerial vehicles, which allows school, aircraft modelling and robototechic club students to learn useful skills and discover modern professions. With Geoscan Pioneer assembly kit, you can integrate the latest technical advances into the learning process.

  • Flight time up to 17 min
  • Speed up to 65 km/h
  • Weight 230 g
  • Frequency 2.408-2.475GHz
  • RX Sensitivity -92 dBm
  • Wind tolerance 5 m/s
  • Dimensions 290 х 290 х 120 mm
  • Brushless motors 1306 3100 KV
  • LiPo battery 2S 1300 mAh/ 9,62 Wh
  • Max altitude 500 m
  • Temperature range 0 to +40 °С

What is in the box?

Basic kit includes:

  • Baseplate
  • Brushless motors (4 pc.)
  • Propellers (8 pc.)
  • Accumulator battery (1 pc.)
  • Charger
  • Screwdrivers for assembly (2 pc.)
  • Frame parts kit
  • Propellers protection kit
  • Box
  • Manual
  • MicroUSB-cable
  • Remote controller with receiver


Aditional equipment for the “Geoscan Pioneer”:

Indoor navigation:

  • Indoor navigation system
  • Onboard indoor navigation module
  • Safe airspace (protective net 3х3х2 m)

Additional modules:

  • Onboard plate for the connection of additional modules
  • Cargo capture module
  • GPS/GLONASS navigation module
  • Programmed OpenMV camera connection module
  • Photo and video camera
  • IR Navigation Module
  • FPV camera


Spares and accessories:

  • USB radio modem
  • Onboard control module
  • Air screws kit
  • Frame parts kit
  • Propellers protection kit
  • Engines kit
  • Battery 20C 2S 1300mAh
  • Battery charger

Education Resource Information

      Use Pioneer to:

  • Study the robotics and avionics basics
  • Get to know the principles of quadcopter constuction
  • Master your flying skills
  • Tailor the drone to suit your needs and tasks
  • Program the drone
  • Learning content to be available soon