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Essential Physics Modular Circuits Kit

Part code – EM-3536

These circuit modules are designed specifically for introductory circuits investigations. For students who have never wired a circuit, this modular system makes it easy for them to see their circuit physically laid-out exactly as it appears in their circuit diagram.
Each module connects mechanically to another by sliding the tabs into each other. It works on any tabletop. No special surface is required. To electrically connect two modules, students insert a jumper clip, which emphasizes that an electrical connection has been made. The large size of the modules (8 cm x 8 cm) enables all the students around the table to see and understand the completed circuit.
Students will learn the correct way to insert an ammeter into a circuit: First they remove one of the straight wire modules from their circuit and then they replace it with the Wireless Current Sensor Module. Since the Current Sensor Module is in the same form factor as the other modules, it naturally fits in series with the circuit components. The fact that the Current Sensor is wireless helps the pedagogy: There is only one way in and one way out of the Current Sensor. There are no extra wires to confuse students


What is in the box?

 •  1x Wireless Voltage Sensor (PS-3211)
 •  1x Wireless Current Sensor Module (EM-3534)
 •  5x Straight Module
 •  2x Tee Module
 •  4x Corner Module
 •  45x Jumper Clip
 •  2x Battery Holder Module
 •  2x AA-cell Battery
 •  3x Light Bulb Module (with bulb)
 •  1x SPST Switch Module
 •  1x SPDT Switch Module
 •  1x Potentiometer Module
 •  1x 1000-Turn Coil/Inductor Module
 •  1x Motor Module
 •  1x 0.33 F Capacitor Module
 •  1x 10 Ω Resistor Module
 •  1x 33 Ω Resistor Module
 •  1x 100 Ω Resistor Module
 •  1x LED Module
 •  1x Spring Clip Module
 •  2x 1000 Ω Resistor
 •  2x 330 Ω Resistor
 •  1x 220 Ω Resistor
 •  1x 22 Ω Resistor
 •  1x 100 μF Capacitor
 •  1x 330 μF Capacitor
 •  1x Diode
 •  8x Cylindrical Magnet 0.5 in x 0.25 in
 •  1x Compass
 •  1x Gratnells Case

Software Required –
 •  SPARKvue or Capstone Software


Education Resource Information

Applications –

  • Kirchhoff’s Laws

  • Batteries and Bulbs Circuits

  • Switches, Open, and Closed Circuits

  • RC and RLC circuits

  • Electric Motors

    Perform These Experiments-

  • Voltage and Batteries

  • Resistance and Ohm’s Law

  • Series/Parallel Circuits

  • Electric Power and Energy

  • Electromagnets

  • Electromagnetic Induction

  • Variable Resistance

  • LED Circuits

  • Compound Circuits

  • Circuits and Electricity

  • Capacitors