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Essential Chemistry

Part code – EC-6350A/ EC-6350-EB1/ EC-6352/ EC-6330/ EC-6353-DIG/ EC-6361

PASCO’s Essential Chemistry curriculum is the only curriculum solution that includes a Student Textbook, Student e-Book, Teacher e-Resources, Student Lab Manual, Teacher Lab e-Resources, and Equipment Kits, all at a very affordable price. This 3-D STEM program includes a full year of instruction for both General and Your COMPLETE Chemistry Solution Honors Chemistry classes. Use our complete solution or integrate Essential Chemistry into your existing curriculum. Essential Chemistry is multiplatform and works on iOS, Android™, Chrome™, Windows®, and Mac®. What’s more, it includes 24/7 online access, as well as correlations to NGSS and your state standards.


What is in the box?

  1. Student Textbook –
    The accessible textbook includes one main idea per page, quality illustrations, 71 complete investigations, four Engineering Design Projects, and Section and Chapter Reviews.

  2. Student e-Book –
    The Essential Chemistry e-Book is a fully digital version of the Student Textbook that can be accessed from any web browser. Throughout the text, interactive elements bring concepts to life, engaging students with a combination of simulations and molecular models. This innovative text also features:
    • 71 labs and activities
    • Chemical Equation Builder
    • More than a hundred interactive simulations
    • Formative and summative assessment questions
    • Single year or multi-year license

  3. Teacher e-Resources for Textbook –
    These fully digital resources include:
    • Teacher User Guide
    • SPARKvue software
    • Infinite Test Bank
    • Teacher e-Book (1-year or multi-year license)
    • Alignment details for NGSS and state standards

  4. PASCO Academy Resources –
    The Essential Chemistry curriculum also includes digital access to the PASCO Academy, which provides teachers with a wealth of ready-to-use resources for chemistry instruction. These robust resources include:
    • Digital access to the PASCO Academy’s curated chemistry content
    • 25 video labs with detailed instruction and data collection
    • 25 editable student handouts with teacher answer keys
    • 25 datasets for student analysis and discussion
    • More than 70 downloadable labs for General and Honors Chemistry

5. Comprehensive Chemistry Investigations
Student Lab Manual – EC-6352
The Essential Chemistry Laboratory Investigations Student Manual is a print-consumable book with more than 70 hands-on labs and activities.
Teacher Lab e-Resources – EC-6353-DIG
These useful all-digital resources include:
• Editable documents
• PowerPoint presentations
• Answer keys
• Video lab assistance
6. Essential Chemistry Standard Equipment Kit
This equipment kit will outfit a single chemistry lab station of 2-5 students. When used in conjunction with the Essential Chemistry program, including the e-Book and lab manual, it creates a complete solution for teaching high school chemistry. It can also be used to supplement your existing textbook, serving as the lab component of your curriculum. This use is supported by the more than 70 standards-based Essential Chemistry labs that are available for free download in the PASCO DIgital Library.
Includes one of each of the following:
• Wireless Temperature Sensor
• Wireless pH Sensor
• Wireless Conductivity Sensor
• Wireless Pressure Sensor
• Wireless Voltage Sensor
• Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor
• Molecular Model Set
• Electrode Support
• Condenser
• Periodic Trend Cards
• Spectrum Cards
• Periodic Table
• Gratnells® Storage Case

Education Resource Information

The lessons follow the 5E model and include tools for ELL students, as well as tools for students with different learning styles. And the curriculum aligns to your standards for both regular and advanced coursework.
• The Science of Chemistry
• Measurement and Analysis
• Classifying Matter
• Temperature and Heat
• Chemical Compounds
• Moles
• Chemical Reactions
• Stoichiometry
• Atomic Structure
• Bonding and Valence
• Energy and Change
• Gasses
• Solutions
• Reaction Rates
• Equilibrium

• Acids and Bases
• Oxidation and Reduction
• Electrochemistry
• Nuclear Chemistry
• Organic Chemistry
• Molecular Biology
• Biochemistry
• The Earth
• The Universe