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Enriching minds with Lego


Lego has been revolutionizing the education system across the globe. Educators like Atlab has been helping schools, parents and children to get used to Lego products to ignite their curiosity and problem solving skills through early education system.


In 1932, Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded the Lego Group. Lego is a combination of two Danish words which means play well. From a small scale carpenter business making toys for kids, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of toys globally. The company is now revolutionizing how education is imparted to children and how the learning process can be more fun-filled than the conventional methods of teaching. The company takes its responsibilities and efforts towards creating children’s toys as a serious objective and tries to strike a balance between learning and playing.


The Lego brick is the most basic and fundamental product from Lego. Lego toys have undergone a lot of improvement and innovation after its launch in 1958. The basic principle of interlocking is unique to Lego. It offers a wide range of combinations and therefore an indefinite number of building possibilities exist. Children can grow their imagination and curiosity with Lego educational products. Lego comes with building sets, construction sets, bricks and blocks that let you build different types of models. Apart from being toys that are meant to boost creativity among kids, they are now used by adults and various age groups to sharpen their creativity and quench their imaginative urge. A comparative test in creativity, using LEGO building sets in Dubai, between individuals or groups will result in an analysis of the following skillset.


  1. Organization: Organization helps you in understanding your role in a group event. Playing with Lego can be an effective group event which can help to bring one’s organizational ability. The outcome can also highlight your lack of organization according to the efficiency with which you carry out the plan.
  2. Creativity and Result: If you put in a lot of imagination, you might not be very effective in bringing a result. However, if your plans are really concrete, it might limit the creativity and bring a result that is not really intriguing.
  3. Inspiration: Ideas and inspirations can come from any nook or corner. All we need is to welcome it and understand its feasibility in the practical world. Playing with Lego helps you become more attentive to your own experience and to ideas of other people because you realize that working with like-minded people can bring inspiration and creativity.

Lego makes some of the finest and top-notch play toys for kids to adults. With distribution spread across 130 countries, Lego has become one of the third largest toymakers that cater to new educational needs of students across the globe. The brand also strictly follows ethical and environmentally safe toys. Lego products help children to grow their cognitive and fine motor skills. They make products that fit in each age group so that it benefits them uniquely and provides the best play time. Children get the ability to analyze problems for the best solution and spatial skills will be developed. The more complex the building blocks are, the better will be their competency to solve tough math problems. The capability to comprehend divergent problems will also significantly raise their skills to work out a single problem in multiple ways.


Lego features different themes such as Architecture, Bricks & More, Castle, City, Creator, Cuusoo, DC Comics Super Heroes, Disney Princess, DUPLO, Exclusives, Friends, Galaxy Squad, Hard to Find Items, Hero Factory, Kingdoms, Legends of Chima, Marvel Super Heroes, Master Builder Academy, MINDSTORMS, Monster Fighters, Ninjago, Pick A Brick, SERIOUS PLAY, Star Wars, Technic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hobbit, THE LEGO MOVIE, The Lord of the Rings, The Simpsons, Minecraft, Minifigures and Mixels. You can choose the desired theme for your children’s playtime.


Dealers like Atlab, which have made the availability of Lego products much easier for students, teachers and parents. They can choose from a stock variety available at Atlab that best suits little ones, toddlers or preteens. Check the website to check various products at discounted rates. You can order the product with ease and without much effort. Make this lockdown time more effective for your kids by getting the best toys for learning and growth.