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Empowering Learning Through CoDrone EDU: Exploring Coding and Robotics in the Classroom

CoDrone EDU in UAE
Empower STEM education with the CoDrone EDU
Drones: Heralding a new era in education

In today’s rapidly evolving world, building technology skills is as crucial as learning other subjects such as math, science and history. There is a continuous, ever-growing demand for technological proficiency, and it goes without saying that students who have early exposure to technology will have far more chances of finding the employment opportunities right out of high school. Drone technology is fast becoming a pivotal component of STEM education. Integrating drones into STEM education opens up a whole lot of exciting opportunities for children to engage with STEM subjects, develop the necessary skills, and explore various career paths. Drone technology offers a hands-on, practical approach to learning, enabling students to apply STEM principles in a real-world context.

5 reasons why it is important to incorporate drone technology into STEM Education

Enhances STEAM learning: Drones are a comprehensive learning tool in STEM and robotics education. They enhance student engagement by enabling students to explore concepts across various disciplines, which offers them a holistic understanding of STEM subjects. By using drones, students can explore Aerodynamics, Aviation, Coding, Data analysis and understand the fundamental principles of robotics and GPS technology.

Fosters innovation & creativity: A key benefit of Drone programs is that it enhances computational thinking, spatial visualisation skills, and fosters innovation and creativity in young minds. It enables students to transcend the boundaries of traditional learning and encourages them to innovate, whether it is designing models of drones, mapping flight paths, or applying drones in real-world problem solving.

Engaging and Interactive Learning: Drone-based learning offers a hands-on experience, which is highly engaging, interactive, and enjoyable, and resonates with young learners.

Affordable and accessible: Drone technology is perfectly affordable and accessible, which makes them applicable to educational settings.

Facilitates the development of a wide range of skills: The use of drones in STEM learning promotes critical thinking, creativity, technological proficiency, collaborative and problem-solving skills, which are crucial to STEM curriculum and are integral for their future careers.

Spark your imagination, unlock the world of coding with CoDrone EDU!

Elevate your coding and engineering skills with CoDrone EDU. An educational drone kit created by Robolink, CoDrone EDU is intended for classroom integration and aims to teach programming and robotics concepts. Although its meant for grades 6-12, CoDrone empowers learners at all levels – students can program CoDrone either using block-based coding or Python, which offers them a practical, hands-on experience in both coding and drone technology.
The CoDrone EDU kit contains a quadcopter equipped with sensors and a microcontroller, and offers a wide range of activities, from basic flight manoeuvres to highly complex tasks such as autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. Some of the cutting-edge features that sets apart CoDrone EDU are its color sensors, a front range sensor, and a bottom range sensor that are seamlessly integrated into the code. With a robust and safe frame, programmable lights, and access to 7 sensors, CoDrone EDU is a powerful educational tool and an excellent way to learn programming skills.

What makes CoDrone EDU different?

Safety: The drone weighs 2 ounces, and it perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. Equipped with robust guards which minimises damage, the drone stays bouncy even if it crashes or falls to the ground. What’s more, the drone’s motors shut off when it detects a crash that is powerful enough; the motors doesn’t spin when it detects that it’s upside down.

Highly Durable & Fixable: CoDrone EDU is modular, has a durable frame, and a high level of fixability which makes it suitable for educational environments. Due to its modular design, parts can be easily replaced if required.

Connection stability in the classroom: CoDrone EDU uses radio signal which provides stronger signal stability in classroom setting. Students don’t have to worry about the loss of connection when there are multiple drones in the room, and they don’t have to re-pair their drone when a connection drops.

Strong sensors: Equipped with strong sensors, the CoDrone EDU can easily detect colour, and obstacles in front of it, and even check the height below it.

Programmable sounds & LEDs: The LEDs and programmable sounds in CoDrone EDU enables students to code different cues and notifications when certain obstacles are detected and triggered.

As the leading supplier of AI and drones education solutions in UAE, Atlab is making a radical transformation in the field of education, making coding easy, engaging, and fun for students. Drones, as an educational tool, opens up a wealth of possibilities for students. CoDrone EDU has made learning a thrilling adventure for students, helping them achieve proficiency in coding and robotics, cultivating a lifelong passion for learning, and equipping them with the requisite skills for the digital era. Give your students the opportunity to unleash their potential! Let them code their way to a brighter future!

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