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Design thinking with ATLAB

What is Design Thinking? How is ATLAB, one of the premium educators in UAE helping individuals to learn design thinking and its prospects in the future.

Design thinking is the process of reinventing solutions and creating concepts that are non-linear and iterative. Design thinking enables brands to think differently and provide innovative solutions. The process involves five distinguishing features: Empathizing, Defining, Ideating, Prototyping, and Testing. They are the most useful when dealing with problems that are unresolved or uncertain.

Design thinking involves developing and refining skills that enable technology to rapidly change happening in our environment and actions that have become critical. With technological collaborations and dynamics, future scientists and designers need to make more human-centered solutions. And the way is enabling students to equip design thinking from early schooling.

Design thinking allows us to fix unresolved and unknown problems by reframing the existing problems which help designers to concentrate on user-friendliness. Design thinking gives us a way to think creatively and allows designers to perform the right kind of testing, build prototypes, and evaluate products and services to find new ways to meet the needs of consumers.

The design thinking process has been at large for quite some time. Many brands and multinational companies agree to implement a design thinking process for providing solutions and products. Companies like Google, Apple, and Airbnb, for example, have made notable impact through innovative design thinking methods. This outside the box thinking is now being taught to students along with STEM and STEAM educational systems. ATLAB, one of the most trusted STEM education providers in UAE provides provision for engaging the design thinking process for the student community.

The ability to change the current reality and introduce futuristic sustainable solutions in the most disruptive way is a motto of design thinking.

Education providers like schools, educators are now increasingly using design thinking studies. It is more than practice as it opens up a whole new way of thinking and offers a collection of hands-on methods to help you apply this new way of thinking.

Educators in UAE like the ATLAB, encourage students to apply the ” think out of the box” process to come up with better design solutions. Design thinking enables you to develop a closer view of the consumer’s problem using scientific research and statistics. The method points to real-world perceptions and catalyzes insights into essential problems and needs of the user. The next step is to find the core problem through the information collected from the first step. You examine your observations and integrate them to define the core challenges you and your team have recognized so far.

Designers rigorously brainstorm for solutions. Data are studied and get indulged in finding alternative ways to challenge and The solid background of information from the first two stages means you can think creatively and find groundbreaking solutions to the problem statement you have created. Various experiments are done to find the best possible solutions for each problem. A number of low-cost, scaled-down versions of the product are produced by the design teams to inspect the problem solutions generated in the previous stage.

Once the experiment is successful and a solution is found, the product is introduced to the selected user to find its usability. The results produced are often used in an iterative process such as design thinking to redefine one or more other issues. Educators in UAE, like the leading ATLAB, encourage innovative thinking to come up with the best solutions for the challenges faced by consumers.