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Children Should Learn Robotics


Teaching robotics to kids early in life can help them grow as better individuals who are confident and problem solvers. ATLAB takes extra steps in spreading this thought across all parents and teachers to implement robotics in kids learning courses. Read on to know why.


Almost everyone knows that there are robots running over the surface of Mars, excavating and exploring new realms of science. Robots have the ability to take mankind to new heights because of their ability to explore beyond human reach. Essentially, a robot is a mechanical device that works on predefined instructions.


Technology is changing its form every day and it’s necessary that the students of today equip themselves for the challenges of the future. Teaching robotics to students can increase their ability to be creative and innovative. Education system around the globe is now accepting robotics as a classroom subject and measures are taken by the government to implement them in the regular educational system. By teaching robotics early to children can give them exciting opportunities which can’t be accessed otherwise.


Technology has been influencing our day-to-day life immensely. Many parents don’t know the possibilities of introducing their kids to technology-related education. They are sceptical regarding the scope of robotics in their kid’s future. ATLAB, one of the leading educators in the Middle East provides an insight into Robotics and why it is necessary to understand its importance.


As said earlier, robots are machines that work on predefined instructions. They have a central processing unit, sensors to understand the environment, and motor and actuators to move its limb or wheels. They are made to communicate back with lights, colours and sound as per the environment. Robots need the ability to follow programmed instructions and not just be controlled remotely.


Robotics helps children to understand how things work. ATLAB provides Lego SPIKE Prime kits with which they start learning robotics in a fun and entertaining way. They can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills when they assemble robots according to their ideas and creativity. Due to the fun factor in building these robots, they are never felt pressurized and develop enjoyable problem-solving skills. That’s why we think problem-based learning is so effective in this era of dynamic education.


Robotics boosts the grasping skill of children in science and math subjects. It provides the practical knowledge of the subject which the conventional system doesn’t entertain. With basic robotic kits like the Lego SPIKE PRIME, helps students in understanding different theories such as various principles of physics like tension, electricity or force etc. Simple and complex math concepts are also demonstrated while they assemble the robot. The kids will see different geometric shapes in the robot as they put them together. Robots can make students more creative and innovative with their ideas during schooling. Robots is one of the best ways to introduce kids to Information communication technology. Children who are curious and always questioning can find robotics as a way to learn more about science and maths in an interesting way.


Robot Programming for Kids

Programming can help kids to enable themselves for future jobs. Teaching young about robotics might be tedious and challenging. Programming is often complex for students to understand and learn but with robotics, education can be fun and more tangible compared to programming.

Programming robots can be easier since it gives them direct feedback on what goes wrong with their learning process. They learn the skills needed to create precise and accurate instructions and have fun while learning valuable lessons.


Robotic programming can help students to impart confidence and self-esteem in them. When a child understands that his ideas can bring positive changes to the things around him/her, it makes them self-motivated to move ahead.


Finding the right place and educator to teach kids robotics needs to be done. ATLAB, coming under CENTENA prestigious group of the various service providers, is one of the best educational resource providers and guides in the Middle East. ATLAB has collaborated with various STEM educational providers across the globe to change the way education is provided to kids. Robotics lays the groundwork for building a kid’s career.