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PASCO Supports High School Biology Educators

Interactive Solutions for Your Biology Lab

PASCO offers dynamic educational solutions for General, AP®, IB®, and Honors Biology courses. Our Wireless Sensors facilitate hands-on engagement and the development of data analysis skills, while our labs provide inquiry-based planning support. When paired, PASCO technology and lab experiments provide a comprehensive path for the seamless integration of educational technology. Our products make college level experiments accessible and enable students to deeply explore topics such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, enzyme reactions, human physiology, spectrometry, and more.

Biology Instrumentation: Sensors & Analytical Equipment

PASCO’s line of Wireless Sensors improve the efficiency of experimental setups by allowing students to monitor key measurements on their personal devices. Featuring long-lasting batteries, remote data logging, and real-time data reporting, these durable sensors effectively eliminate the need for continuous monitoring, freeing students from their lab notebooks to focus on the phenomenon at hand. After the experiment is complete, data can be easily altered and analyzed within our software, exported to Excel, shared with lab members, or printed for physical lab reports. Reduce bench clutter with our space-saving lab essentials or analyze samples directly at the field site with our compact analytical solutions.

Biology Starter Lab Station

Part code : EB-6334
Seamlessly integrate sensor inquiry into any learning model with standards-based labs and sensors from PASCO’s Biology Lab Stations! These ready-to-use stations includes:
  • 10 hands-on, standards-aligned investigations
  • Wireless Sensors, coding extension activities, and a storage case
  • Distance learning videos and data files for all 10 investigations
  • Digital access to PASCO’s Essential Biology Teacher Lab Manual
  • Digital access to PASCO’s Advanced Biology Through Inquiry Teacher Guide

Biology Extension Lab Station

Part code : EB-6335
The Biology Extension Lab Station includes 3 wireless sensors and an EcoChamber that complement the set of sensors found in the Biology Starter Lab Station (EB-6335). Together, the sensors from the Biology Starter and Extension Lab Stations comprise the sensors needed to perform many of the lab investigations inside PASCO’s Essential Biology and Advanced Biology Through Inquiry lab manuals.

EcoZone System

Part code : ME-6668
PASCO’s EcoZone System is designed to help students model and understand the complex interactions within, and among, different ecosystems. The three clear acrylic EcoChambers are specially designed to accommodate PASCO sensors, making qualitative and quantitative measurements very easy to observe.

Wireless EKG Sensor

Part code : PS-3236
The Wireless EKG Sensor measures electrical signals produced by contractions of the heart or muscles, and reports them in real-time on virtually any student device.