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BENMAKER, The new STEM tool

BENMAKER, The new STEM tool.


Is your kid fascinated by shapes, figures and models? Then gift them BenMaker. Know more about BenMaker now.

ATLAB now introduces new and innovative STEM education in UAE. The BEN MAKER is an educational tool aiming to improve the hands-on learning experience for students between the age of 7- 12. The company aims at creating children-friendly production workshops for students to make them learn essential skills for life. Benmak Turkey for the first time by keeping in the forefront of children’s health and safety, we Kit designed to develop their production; It consists of Lathe, Sanding Saw and Drill Modules.


The lathe module is 150mm in length, 350mm in width and 120mm in depth operating on a 12V current. The lathe can handle a consumable with a diameter of 30mm and a minimum length of 95mm. The module is home friendly and offers high work security. The system increases hand-eye and brain coordination, helping effective use of fingers. The Lathe module Improves imagination and aesthetic perception in individuals from an early age.

With the Wooder Drill Module, you can use it for practical solutions during project work by drilling 3.0 mm diameter holes in 4 mm thick plywood material. During this process, the students have the opportunity to improve their manual skills. The drilling module is 200 mm in height, 150mm in width and 150mm in depth. The system operates on 12V with a wooden plyboard as the only consumable. The drilling module has a drill bit of 3.0 mm.

With the Sanding Saw Module, the cutting edge of the saw moves in a vertical axis and the wood part it comes into contact with is given the desired shape. The rough surfaces of the part are processed and smoothed with internal sandpaper. The system helps to sharpen hands-on experience making them understand and solve problems with effective discussions. The module is 180 mm in height, 300 mm in width and 270mm in depth. Same operating voltage as the other modules, it has a 69 grit thick sandpaper.

ATLAB, a leading educational service provider in UAE, is a technology-based hands-on learning solutions company that is focused on providing innovative educational training systems and laboratory equipment of the highest quality to Educational Institutions, Technical Universities, and Industrial (Vocational) Training Centers. If you are running an educational institution or parent planning to provide Benmaker Suppliers in Dubai for kids, ATLAB is the right place to be