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Aspara® Hydroponic Indoor Smart Grower

Create an easily controlled environment with automatic optimization to cultivate a variety of wholesome plants, including fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, and superfoods, promoting overall well-being. Aspara Nature is an intelligent greenhouse that brings nature into a compact, manageable form, making it accessible for everyone. Featuring customizable LED grow lights and advanced sensors, it allows effortless planting and nurturing for all.
Aspara® Hydroponic Indoor Smart Grower


Part No: 680-0528
Grade 3-8

Variable-Spectrum LED Grow Lights

  • Promote plant growth across various developmental stages.
  • Automatically adjust light spectrum and intensity.

Automated Watering and Detachable Reservoir

  • Incorporated with a stand-alone, detachable water reservoir.
  • Achieve automatic plant hydration.

Incorporated Smart Sensors

  • Identify key parameters including nutrient levels, air and water temperature, humidity, light intensity, and water levels.
  • Continuously assess growth conditions and issue notifications when it’s time to replenish water and nutrients.

Integrated Planting Protocols

  • Deliver tailored planting protocols for each plant variety.
  • Automatically adjust light intensity to optimize growth conditions.
  • These specialized planting protocols can accelerate plant growth by up to 50%.

What is in the box?

Part No: 680-0527
Grade 3-8
  • Smart Grower
  • 2 Seed Kits
Aspara® Hydroponic Indoor Smart Grower
Automatic Water System

Simple Steps to Use

Part No: 670-0073
Grade 3-8
  • Start with 3 steps.
  • Receive notification when care is needed during planting.
  • Harvest your herbs and vegetables in about 4 weeks.