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AI and drones can be valuable tools in coding lessons for students, as they offer hands-on and engaging learning experiences that can help to enhance their coding skills and understanding. Drones can be programmed using coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, or C++, giving students the opportunity to learn and practice coding in a fun and interactive way. Overall, incorporating AI and drones into coding lessons can help students to develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity skills, while also providing them with a unique and engaging learning experience.


Zumi is an AI-powered self-driving car kit designed to help students and hobbyists learn about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics in a fun and engaging way. The kit includes a small car with sensors, cameras, and a powerful onboard computer, as well as a set of interactive lessons and coding challenges. Zumi allows instant decisions based on real-time data, such as identifying objects, recognizing faces, and navigating through obstacles. Users can program Zumi to perform a variety of tasks using coding languages such as Python, Javascript or C++. The platform also includes pre-built AI models that can be used to quickly get started with programming Zumi, aswell as advanced tools for customizing and refining the car’s behaviour.


CoDrone is a programmable drone designed specifically for learning and education purposes. It is an excellent tool for both beginners and advanced learners who are interestedin developing their coding skills and learning about drone technology. CoDrone comes equipped with an array of sensors, including an altitude sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, allowing for precise control and movement. It also includes a Bluetooth module, which enables the user to control the drone remotely via a smartphone or tablet app. One can program the drone to perform a variety of actions, such as taking off and landing, flying in different patterns, or even performing aerial acrobatics.