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Advanced Structures Set

Part code – ME-6992B
Grade – High school

The Advanced Structures Set includes additional components for building a wider variety of structures. Build larger trusses, bridges, and even a working catapult! The included axles and pulleys make it possible to build working cranes, cars, and other structures.

As with all Structures Systems, Load Cells (sold separately) can be placed anywhere in the structure, allowing you to measure the tension and compression forces acting on a specific point. PASPORT Load Cells require an amplifier and interface to connect to a computer’s USB port.

Advanced Structures Set

What is in the box?

  • 2x Force Platform Bracket
  • 24x I-Beam #5 24 cm long
  • 54x I-Beam #4 17 cm long
  • 54x I-Beam #3 11.5 cm long
  • 24x I-Beam #2 8 cm long
  • 24x I-Beam #1 5.5 cm long
  • 10x Flex I-Beam #5 24 cm long
  • 18x Flex I-Beam #4 17 cm long
  • 18x Flex I-Beam #3 11.5 cm long
  • 16x Flat Beams (3 lengths)
  • 2x Axles (3 lengths)
  • 42x Connectors
  • 32x Cord Tensioning Clips
  • 6x Round and Flat Connectors
  • 6x PAStrack Fasteners
  • 24x Angle and Straight Connectors
  • 12x Sliding Connector
  • 12x Pulleys, O-rings, Spacers
  • 24x Collets
  • 4x Drive Wheel with Rubber Tire
  • 2x Structures Rod Clamps
  • 300x Screws
  • 1x Yellow Cord (1 roll)
  • 1x Instruction Manual

Required Accessories –

  • 1x Bridge Set (ME-6991)

Education Resource Information

Topics covered using Advanced Structures Set

  • Forces on a Boom
  • Human Leg Model
  • Teeter Totter
  • Human Back Model
  • Human Arm Model
  • Angle Crane
  • Catapult
  • Kingpost Truss
  • Queenpost Truss
  • Roof Truss
  • Warren Bridge
  • Camelback Truss Bridge
  • Tower Crane
  • Free-Standing Howe Bridge
  • Static Load
  • Dynamic Load