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5 reasons to have a 3D printer in your home

Due to low-cost hi-speed printing prototypes, the demand for 3D printers is growing in the UAE, especially in manufacturing and construction.

However, the potential for 3D printers goes beyond industrial use; It can also be used to educate and print everyday items.

Here are five reasons having a 3D printer at home is an advantage.

A learning aid for your kids

There comes a time when children have difficulty keeping up with the rest of the class in school, and are faced with the fear of falling behind.

In this case, parents and teachers of students taking remedial classes can sit with children and guide them, not through books, but through visual representations which can help children connect the dots.

Visual learning is effective learning, and 3D printing provides flexible learning solutions, giving parents more options to suit their requirements.

Bring out the designer in you

In you have a lot of spare time, or if you just want to practice, you can use a 3D printer to design and create your own works of art. Crafting with your 3D printer helps you expand your creativity and practice executing the visual ideas in your brain.

Compensate for last minute shopping

Have you ever forgotten your dear one’s birthday? Or had no time to shop for them? Or been to broke to buy a gift?

You can compensate for that by using a 3D printer to print out low-cost, plastic gift ideas that come to your mind; You can even personalize them, making for a more memorable gift.

Take order matters into your hands

Are you running a home business? Or do you prefer to handle your own repairs? Whether its quality or delivery time, you can replace small, broken or chipped furniture by 3D printing it, saving you the expense of buying a whole set and waiting time.

Go green

Plastic used in 3D printer does not need to be disposed of but can be reused to create new forms, saving you the cost of printing material, and effectively recycling old products.


Atlab, a Dubai-based company of Centena Group, provides hand-on technological solutions for learning.

In association with XYZ Printing, Atlab provides some of the best cutting- edge 3D printing solutions in the UAE and helps distributes them across the GC.