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3D printing steps into classrooms


3D printing helps children to visualize and materialize their ideas on a real time. XYZ printing printer has become an unavoidable resource in STEAM based classrooms. Atlab is an authorized dealer of XYZ printing printers in the Middle East. Read and know more about the possibilities of the 3D printer in classrooms of the future.


XYZ printing, a New Kinpo Group company is one of the world’s leading 3D printer manufacturers. They have found an effective way to provide 3d printing to educators and classrooms, consumers and artists, small business and household at low cost. Last year, XYZ printing in Dubai had invested over a billion-dollar to incorporate 3D printing in the STEAM education system. They were able to break down the barriers of 3D printing with an innovative easy-to-use device that delivers an outstanding user experience through both computer and mobile. The company is already providing 3D printing solutions to students across the globe.


The XYZ printing printer has already won several accolades in various industry events and had its place in major scientific journals. Various schools in Europe have already started to use 3D printing in their curriculum stating its viability as a problem solver of the future. The technology has inspired, engaged and educated endless possibilities in creating a positive impact in the educational sector. A student was able to create a fishing pole adaptor for a 7-year-old boy whose hands were almost paralyzed due to a stroke in his early age. The student’s project team took innumerable trial-error methods before successfully implementing a 3D printed fishing pole adaptor for the suffering kid’s hand. Being a year after the implementation, there have been countless success stories that show the importance of nurturing young creative minds for the future.


XYZ printing’s decision to be a part of the STEAM 3D education program has been applauded and has witnessed a great impact. The program provides schools with easy access and the right tools in introducing 3D printing in the classroom. The program ensures to encourage students to be creators and problem solvers of the future that can bring a positive impact in every sector in the future.


Atlab, a leading STEAM education provider, is now distributing XYZ printing 3D printers in the Middle East. They are also selling the much-hyped da Vince Jr series filaments and course material for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics for teachers to utilize in classrooms.


The NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)- based STEAM curriculum from XYZ printing is developed for educators. With more than more 3D printers being utilized in the classroom, the company has recognized the need for seamless integration of 3D printing lessons alongside a 3D printer for the classroom. This has led to the creation of a STEAM curriculum that comprises over 40 different lesson plans with each lesson aligned with the next generation science standards that provide a complete action-ready solution for every classroom. The lesson plan provides teachers with step-by-step instruction on how to make the classroom environment engaging and interactive based on STEAM using 3D printing methods and printers.


To learn more about XYZ printing and view useful tutorials from ATLAB, receive online or phone customer service, and check out various other STEAM educational tools.